We want to make your life easier. That's why Swiss Life Home In One includes three types of insurance: household contents, liability and buildings. So you can be sure you’re covered optimally both at home and when you’re out and about.

In brief

Do you have too many contracts with various insurers? Swiss Life Home in One is the solution. By merging your different types of cover in one contract, you can avoid having gaps in cover or too much cover. In the event of a claim, Vaudoise provides the insurance benefit and guarantees straightforward and speedy processing.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Personal liability: the insurance for an individual or for all those living in the same household, irrespective of age and family relationship (e.g. also suitable for shared housing)
  • Household contents: you define the scope of benefits in the event of an insured event. Supplemental insurance covers damage to household contents, even if the damage was caused by a fellow resident.
  • Buildings: protect your owner-occupied home (with up to three apartments) against various risks (e.g. fire, natural hazards, water damage, theft, broken glass). Outdoor facilities are also insured.
  • Insurance cover: choose from Basic, Plus and Premium based on your needs.

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Would you like to know more about Swiss Life Home In One, or do you have any questions about it? We would be pleased to provide you with more information – in a personal and non-binding consultation.

More about the product

These options differ in terms of the level of the premium (the price) and the scope of cover, i.e. the (cash) benefits we pay in the event of a claim. 

Basic: the most important cover, at a fair price
Plus: the complete solution for comprehensive cover
Premium: top cover, with nothing left to wish for

You can compare the three options in detail with our Swiss Life Home In One fact sheet and decide self-determinedly which one is best.

Yes. All persons living in the same household are insured, regardless of their family relationship. The scope of cover depends on the Basic, Plus or Premium option selected.

Yes. We provide you with immediate assistance in the event of an insured event to your building at no charge, e.g. if you need a plumber, glazier, electrician, heating engineer or locksmith.

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