When you start a career, you should give some thought to a self-determined financial future. This includes protecting yourself from the consequences of disability and other risks. With the right provision, you can look to your personal future with confidence.

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    2/3 of young Swiss choose to enter the working world upon completion of mandatory schooling

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    Those who enter the working world with a degree in economics earn the most (approx. CHF 7333)

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    In Switzerland there are approximately 225,000 apprentices and 250,000 students (university, university of applied sciences and teacher training college)

Starting a career requires you to think about a lot of new topics – such as pension funds, concluding disability insurance and individual budget planning. These topics also include changing homes and purchasing a vehicle. We can advise you in this new phase of life and show you which insurance you need and how you can structure your pension to ensure that you are covered optimally in the short, medium and long term.

Plan your career start with foresight

Drawing a regular income for the first time in your life is a wonderful feeling. But it is also a challenge: those who spend their entire salary will have nothing left over for larger purchases, holidays or retirement savings. We would be pleased to provide you with expert advice related to budget planning and show you where you can save and how you can optimise your taxes, if necessary.

Even at the beginning of your career, you should start thinking about the topic of risk insurance. Disability due to illness or accident can occur at any time, leading to a major financial burden. Particularly if you are in a relationship and plan to start a family in the next few years, disability insurance to protect your loved ones is advisable.

Insurance is an important topic for career starters as well. There is much to consider just when choosing health insurance. We would be pleased to advise you on which health insurance fits with your needs, the right deductible for you and where you can achieve the greatest savings. Following a successful career start, you may start thinking about your first home or buying a car. Here, too, you will need the right insurance – and Swiss Life would be pleased to advise you on this topic as well.

  • Disability/death cover
  • Tax optimisation
  • Future provisions
  • Wealth accumulation
  • Property insurance
  • Healthcare insurance

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We can offer you advice to meet your personal needs: from a free initial consultation to a detailed analysis to tailored planning.


Pension and financial analysis

With the pension and financial analysis, in the initial consultation we discuss your personal financial situation as a result of starting your career. For the analysis, we need information from you about your overall situation. In line with your needs and wishes, we analyse your financial situation and provide you with various potential solutions so you can be financially secure now as well. We also support you in implementing your chosen solution.

Important topics

Providing for the future with three pillars

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Hedging risks

Ensure financial protection in the event of an illness, accident, need for care or death – with risk insurance.

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Health insurance

Health cover tailored to your needs – you’re always properly covered with Swiss Life and Sanitas.

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Make an appointment for a consultation

We can offer you advice to meet your personal needs: from a free initial consultation to a detailed analysis to tailored planning.