From your own four walls, you’ll look to a self-determined financial future with greater confidence. You, too, can finance a home and use it as part of your pension provision: work with our specialists to plan financial security for yourself and your family.

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    83% of Swiss young people between 16 and 25 would like to purchase their own home or apartment eventually

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    One out of three uses the pension fund for a house purchase

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    One out of three puts aside up to 1000 francs a month for a dream house

Your home plays a central role in your personal provision for the future. That’s why we would be pleased to provide you with detailed advice when you purchase, renovate or sell a home – especially with respect to the topics of financing, amortisation and tax optimisation. In addition, we help you protect your home by advising you on the right property insurance and risk cover. 

Optimising taxes

Use the opportunities presented by private and occupational provisions to save on taxes in a self-determined manner.

Current mortgage interest rates

Attractive financing conditions for your apartment or home with a Swiss Life mortgage.

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