Who will represent you if you are no longer able to make judgements due to illness or an accident? Ensure now that you can make self-determined decisions about your life in such a case.

Together with our specialist partner Büro-Spitex we will be pleased to support and advise you on all matters relating to legal security.

In brief

With legal security, you can make self-determined decisions early on as to what should happen if you become incapacitated or die. You can stipulate who should represent you and how.

The complete Legal Security package consists of an advance care directive, a patient decree, a will, and instructions in the event of death.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Provisions in case of lack of capacity of judgement protect you against establishment of official guardianship.
  • You maintain your accustomed life situation and standard of living. You retain your self-determination and are not forcibly sent to a home.
  • Your assets are managed according to your instructions, and your properties are not forcibly sold.
  • You can include family members and trusted persons.
  • You relieve your family of difficult decisions (e.g. with regard to an advance healthcare directive) and also ease their administrative burden.

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With an advance care directive you remain self-determined in case you become unable to act. You decide who should represent you in this case in all personal, financial and legal matters.

With an advance healthcare directive you decide self-determinedly on the desired medical measures if you are no longer able to express your wishes at a later stage.

With a living will you decide self-determinedly what happens in the event of your death.

If you become incapable of judgement, your relatives cannot automatically take decisions about your legal interests. It is therefore important that you set out your wishes at an early stage in an advance care directive.

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