Are you and your family adequately insured in the event something happens to you? Will you be able to cover your expenses if you become ill or suffer an accident? An analysis can answer these questions.

Your financial situation after retirement: a look at the future

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    Just under 70% of Swiss believe it is important to have as many insurance policies as possible from the same provider.

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    A secure income is important to 61% of Swiss.

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    Accumulating capital is among the main ambitions of Swiss aged under 40.

Advantages of pension advice at a glance

  1. Your financial situation is presented to you in a clear, visual format, and we develop individual, tailored solutions for you.
  2. Your personal pension specialist will support you over the next five years and adjust your analysis in line with your current life situation.
  3. Your personal financial roadmap provides you with an overview of all key dates and activities.

We will be happy to analyse your current life situation with you, including your financial plans and goals, in a personal consultation. We focus on your personal pension situation and income protection. Retirement provisions and achieving your savings targets are just as important.

The result will be an individual analysis of your situation with specific recommendations for action. And because things can change in life, you can have the analysis adapted to your new circumstances and goals at any time.

Plan your financial future early on!

Are you interested in a personal pension and financial analysis from Swiss Life, or do you have questions?

More on pension advice

What does the pension and financial analysis involve?

  • Detailed overview of your income in the event you become disabled, if you die and when you are older, as well as of your current assets and your health cover
  • Planning alternatives with recommended solutions
  • Individual plan of action
  • Five-year mandate with updates

How does the pension and financial analysis work?

We discuss your financial situation in a free initial consultation. We also make a note of your personal needs, wishes and goals. The next steps are derived from this information.

We analyse your financial situation based on your needs and wishes and offer you a range of solutions. Of course, we will help you choose the optimal solution and then assist you in implementing it in a self-determined manner.


What do I receive as a result of the analysis?

  • An overview of clear analyses regarding your income situation in the case of disability, death and old age as well as your current asset situation
  • An analysis of your health cover
  • Analyses and documentation on other topics related to pension provision, such as tax optimisation or home financing
  • An individual action plan that supports you over the long term and shows when you should initiate which measures
  • Five-year mandate

What does the pension and financial analysis cost?

A pension consultation only costs CHF 350.