In some situations you cannot or do not want to take care of all administrative, legal or financial matters. Our partner Büro-Spitex can help in these situations – it provides support in everyday life and protects the interests of our customers.

In brief

By providing «relief in everyday life», our partner helps you with many challenges, from small daily tasks to complex fiduciary services. The experts at Büro-Spitex will be happy to advise and support you directly in your own home.

Your advantages at a glance

  • From a single source: the Büro Spitex teams provide you with comprehensive support – from small daily tasks to complex fiduciary services and financial consulting.
  • Convenient: advice and support will be provided directly at your home. You don't waste any time and retain an overview, as your documents stay with you.
  • Experience: the teams are very experienced and well connected.
  • Flexible: We at Swiss Life and Büro-Spitex process your mandate quickly, usually within 48 hours. The service is flexible and available on demand. So you can count on our support at short notice and only for a certain period of time.
  • Transparent: It is billed transparently on an hourly basis. This means you have no long-term commitment and no recurring costs.

Make an appointment for a consultation

Would you like to learn more about «relief in everyday life», or do you have questions? We would be pleased to provide you with more information – in a personal and non-binding consultation.


  • You look after a family member (e.g. dementia or very old) and need relief.
  • You would like to receive administrative or fiduciary support – for reasons of old age or health.
  • You're temporarily in the hospital and you want to have your affairs taken care of.
  • You are not able or have no time to do the paperwork.

Administrative support: post processing, filing, payment transactions, reimbursements from health insurers and much more – we keep your paperwork in good shape.

Personal well-being: arrangements for care and living situation, assistance at appointments, social networking – we are committed to ensuring that your interests are safeguarded and that you can manage your everyday life in a self-determined and carefree manner.

Fiduciary services: tax returns, financial and legal security, financial planning, real estate advice and the execution of your will – we take care of your fiduciary affairs so you can enjoy the finer things in life.

If you become incapable of judgement, your relatives cannot automatically take decisions about your legal interests. It is therefore important that you set out your wishes at an early stage.

When executing the will, your estate will be managed in accordance with your wishes. An executor executes and safeguards your instructions.

Büro-Spitex AG has enabled its customers to enjoy a worry-free, more self-determined everyday life – for years now. It is recommended, for example, by the City of Zurich, many municipalities, Spitex establishments and medical networks.