With Swiss Life FlexSave you participate in the positive development of the Index-Basket, comprising renowned indices.

The key period for participation is from 5 April until 4 April of the following year (“participation year”). At the end of a participation year, the current level of each index in the Index-Basket is compared with its level at the beginning of the participation year. If the level is higher at the end of a participation year than at the beginning, this results in a positive amount for the index participation. The individual positive amounts are added together in accordance with their weighting in the Index-Basket to calculate the Index-Basket’s performance. If an index does not achieve a positive performance, it is valued at 0.

The qualifying annual index performance for the individual indices is limited to a maximum amount (cap). This value is independent of the market environment and can be adjusted annually as at the participation key date.

For the period from 5 April 2024 until 4 April 2025, the maximum annual qualifying index performance is 8%, the participation rate (share of the mathematical reserve upon which index participation is based) is around 43%.

The Index-Basket will be composed as follows:
SMI: 20% / S&P 500: 20% / EuroStoxx 50: 20% / Nikkei: 20% / FTSE 100: 20%