Here you can find out about our upcoming events at a glance and access our latest publications. Some testimonials and a sample case will give you your first impressions about Swiss Life Pension Services. You can always gain access to the most important laws and regulations using the BVG app.

Install a very practical SLPS reference work in app form now!

The main laws and regulations concerning occupational pensions are given to you on the SLPS BVG application. This is not only an online working instrument, but one that works off-line too, that is without an Internet connection. SLPS BVG lets you search through the full text, so you can find the various legal concepts and the laws and regulations corresponding to them.

The laws and regulations are downloaded directly from the Swiss Confederation website. They will be updated at least every six months. You can also find the key figures as they currently stand, with a history from recent years too.


We prevent conflicts of interest

The supervisory oversight commission (OAK) has imposed strict requirements for the independence of pension actuaries. Swiss Life Pension Services Ltd. has always ensured this independence is guaranteed, which is why our regulations on preventing conflicts of interest required by the OAK were passed on 1 October 2014 already. Our clients value this independence.

Sample case

Example of a pension fund that has put its administration on a new footing.


Personal statements and experiences of customers who trust Swiss Life.