Protecting your employees, finding investment opportunities for pension assets and minimising administrative expenses are essential when it comes to occupational pension provisions. Learn more here.

Build the foundation for your start-up

As a business owner you have to take care of the important things: acquiring customers, generating turnover and growing. There is often little time left for insurance and future provisions. That means an accident or illness can entail a major financial risk for your company. Find out more about the main pension-related topics here.

To a self-determined entrepreneurial future

As an entrepreneur, you are a professional in your field. You have the business side under control and it wouldn't take long to organise your company’s future provisions either. That's what we do. As a strong partner by your side, we find the right solution to optimally insure your company.

Future provisions for your large company

Attractive future provision options are important to you. We support you with customised solutions and services to meet your needs and those of your employees.

Expert support for your company foundation

Running a company foundation is time-consuming and carrying out administrative tasks often keeps you from your main activities. We can help you with administrative duties as well as when communicating with the authorities. In addition, we can offer you tailored solutions for reinsuring risks and asset management.

Make your association even more attractive for your members

You, too, can benefit from our comprehensive pension solutions for associations. Give your association members the opportunity to live a self-determined future. Protect your members against financial difficulties in the event of disability and death and manage your pension assets with a professional investment strategy from Swiss Life – tailored individually to your risk tolerance.