Would you like to benefit from professional investment methods? Or would you like reinsurance? Swiss Life offers tailor-made solutions for every need so you can provide for your association in a self-determined manner.

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An association's employee benefits solution offers association members an attractive pension option and also allows sole proprietors without staff to access insurance under the 2nd pillar. You can also reduce risk and cost premiums and your administrative outlay with an association's employee benefits solution, while your members benefit from tailor-made pension plans.

Swiss Life can support your association's employee benefits institution in the following areas:

Risk reinsurance: Reinsurance of the risks of death and disability through individual or flat-rate coverage allows you to increase the risk capacity of your association's employee benefits institution in a targeted way, or, if you so wish, even with regulation coverage.

Longevity: By paying into Swiss Life retirement pensions, you can remove the longevity risk from your association's employee benefits institution. Swiss Life manages the pensions for you, clarifies entitlement to benefits and pays the pensions without you having to provide additional funding if the framework conditions change.

Portfolio management: Swiss Life will manage the portfolio for you, field enquiries from insured persons and provide the Management Board with advice and support. You can concentrate fully on your core mission.

Investments: You can commission the professionals of Swiss Life Asset Managers to invest the foundation assets and benefit from their analyses based on many years of expertise in investing policyholder assets. You can also use the successful investment groups of the Swiss Life Investment Foundation to invest your foundation's assets in a cost-effective and return-conscious manner.

In addition to the risks of death and disability, the longevity risk can be insured through paying into retirement pensions. You can also delegate the investment risk of your retirement savings by selecting a full insurance solution.

Regulation cover: With regulation cover (congruent financial backing), the reinsured benefits correspond to those in the regulations. This means that all benefits are fully reinsured and the association's employee benefits institution does not have to create additional reserves for individual, uncovered risks.

Partially congruent financial backing: In contrast to congruent financial backing, only individual risks are reinsured with partially congruent financial backing. The other risks are covered by the reserves of the association's employee benefits institution.

Stop loss: With stop loss insurance, the association's employee benefits institution determines the total loss for which it is solely liable (retention fee). If the claims amount for the entire year exceeds the retention fee, the stop loss insurance kicks in, and a maximum amount applies to the individual loss event.

Excess of loss: The excess of loss insurance covers those cases which exceed the maximum amount of the stop loss insurance for individual loss events or those cases which the foundation cannot or does not want to cover for risk-related reasons.

The provision and active management of a broad range of investment solutions for institutional investors is one of the core competencies of Swiss Life Asset Managers; you also benefit from this and entrust us with the investment of the foundation's assets. You can also implement your investment strategy cost-effectively and professionally thanks to the broad range of Swiss Life Investment Foundation investment groups.

If you prefer not to manage the investment of your foundation assets and to reinsure your retirement savings under full insurance instead, you can enjoy full guarantees with the Swiss Life Company Protect solution. A compromise is also possible: With the Swiss Life Company Prime Solution, you can have the best of both worlds by investing at least 20% of your retirement savings yourself while up to a maximum of 80% of your retirement savings is reinsured with Swiss Life. Decide for yourself which solution is the best for your association's employee benefits institution.

Take advantage of our know-how from over 160 years of occupational provisions. Swiss Life can provide you with targeted support tailored to your needs in the following areas:

  • Information for insured persons
  • Liaising with supervisory authorities
  • Analyses of portfolio, assets and liabilities
  • Handling the foundation's bookkeeping and preparing the financial statements
  • Expert services
  • International accounting
  • Clarification of future provisions and tax law

We offer a number of services in cooperation with Swiss Life Pension Services.

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What is important for your association?

You would like full protection from all risks

Are you looking for a complete insurance package with 100% security? And would you like to be able to adjust your benefits flexibly at any time? If so, Swiss Life Company Protect is the right solution for your association's employee benefits institution.

You would like to hedge the risks of death and disability

Would you like to focus on two risks when protecting your association’s employee benefits institution (with ten or more insured persons)? Swiss Life Company Risk is perfect for covering the individual risks of death and disability.

You wish to reduce administrative work

With the Swiss Life Company Flatrate you benefit from a flat premium rate – which simplifies your administrative work substantially. In addition, you would like to protect at least 50 insured persons against the risks of death and disability.

You would like to increase the risk capacity

Would you like to define in advance how much of the risks of death and disability you will cover yourself? If you have 100 or more insured persons, you can define the maximum retention with Swiss Life Stop Loss. All damages above this amount will be covered by Swiss Life.

You would like to benefit from a modular range of services

In addition to including risk reinsurance, Swiss Life Company Prime Solution can be expanded however you’d like. You can benefit from this solution if you have at least 300 insured persons and/or pension assets of CHF 50 million or more.

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