Do you want to continue to manage your company's pension fund while at the same time freeing up your company from administrative tasks? If you have at least 300 insured persons or pension assets of at least CHF 50 million, then Swiss Life Company Prime Solution is the right solution for your pension fund.

Our solution

Swiss Life Company Prime Solution is a modular solution for pension funds. In addition to reinsurance for the risks of death and disability and portfolio management, the solution can be expanded in a number of ways: with guaranteed savings, pension purchases and all of the services offered by full-range provider Swiss Life.

We also offer this solution as part of our complementary occupational benefits. Contact us for a non-binding consultation if you would like to learn more.

How you benefit with Swiss Life Company Prime Solution

Complete portfolio management: Incl. reinsurance for the risks of death and disability. Upon request, purchase of benefits and maintenance of your pensioners (new and existing) as well.

Self-determined level of autonomy: With respect to both administrative tasks (portfolio maintenance, foundation accounting, provision of information) and investments with our capital-sum insurance that includes guaranteed reinsurance cover for up to 80% of retirement savings (guaranteed one-year interest rate/nominal value guarantee).

Central management of all selected modules: You can focus on your core business without having to give up your own pension fund.

Longevity: The purchase of retirement benefits allows you to transfer the longevity risk to Swiss Life.

Self-determined investments: You continue to formulate your investment strategy yourself.

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No, only portfolio maintenance and reinsurance for the risks of death and disability are mandatory. You can choose the other modules based on your own needs.

You can continue to maintain your investments as before. Of course, you can also seek the assistance of the specialists at Swiss Life Asset Managers, and you can also reinsure a portion of your retirement savings at Swiss Life as well.

No, you will be supported by a central contact partner.

Our pension solutions

  • Eigenheim

    From 1 insured person with all-round risk protection

    • Full financial backing of death, disability and longevity risks
    • 100% capital and interest rate guarantee
    • Entitlement to bonus distribution
  • Freizeit

    From 10 insured persons with an individual premium rate

    • Congruent risk reinsurance
    • The pension fund manages the savings component in self-determination
    • Option of insuring longevity
  • SL_Start_up_1965

    From 50 insured persons with a flat-rate premium

    • Congruent risk reinsurance
    • Option of insuring longevity
    • The investment of the vested pension capital remains with your pension fund
  • Maler

    From 100 insured persons with a risk-cost ceiling

    • Cost limitation in the event of disability and death
    • Flexible maturities and easy to manage
    • The investment of the vested pension capital remains with your pension fund