Security- and return-oriented: The Swiss Life Business Premium 1e employee benefits solution covers every need. For companies that would like their executives to be able to determine their occupational benefits themselves.

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Our management solution

With the Swiss Life Business Premium 1e solution, employees with salaries of more than CHF 132 300 can actively help to determine their own occupational benefits. To do so, they can choose from eight attractive investment strategies with equity components of up to 75% for the investment of their retirement savings. Security-oriented employees can also conclude savings insurance with a 100% nominal value and interest guarantee.

How you benefit with Swiss Life Business Premium

Individual: Insured persons have a choice of eight attractive investments strategies.

Flexible: Investment strategies can be switched at any time for no extra charge.

Secure: With Swiss Life, security-oriented employees have the unique option to conclude savings insurance with 100% nominal value and interest guarantee.

Successful strategy approach: With every investment strategy you benefit from the Swiss Life Best Select Invest Plus® approach of the Swiss Life Investment Foundation.

Tax optimisation: Your company and your employees can save on taxes.

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FAQs about the solution

The name “1e solution” comes from Article 1e of the Ordinance on Occupational Retirement, Survivors’ and Disability Pension Plans (BVV 2). With a 1e solution, insured persons can choose how to invest their pension assets as of a certain annual salary, currently CHF 132 300.

Your pension assets are invested through the Swiss Life Investment Foundation. With the help of a leading investment consultant, it ensures that the pension assets are managed by only the most highly qualified asset managers. In addition, the asset managers are continuously monitored by an independent investment controller – which ensures transparency and security at all times.

The Swiss Life Investment Foundation manages more than CHF 16 billion for over 5000 employee benefits schemes of collective foundations and employee benefits institutions, including the pension capital of Swiss Life employees.

No, only those with a salary of at least CHF 132 300 p.a. can take advantage of Swiss Life Business Premium.

Insured persons can benefit from potential returns, but must at the same bear any losses themselves. Among other things, savings insurance with a 100% nominal value and interest guarantee is available to security-oriented employees.

If your company prepares its accounts in accordance with IAS/IFRS, you can keep the pension obligations on your balance sheet low thanks to our 1e solution.

Insured persons who make a pension fund purchase – i.e. make additional contributions to the solution – can deduct these contributions from their taxable income. In addition, the performance of the investments is exempt from taxes. As a result, insured persons benefit twice over from the superior performance.

The Swiss Life Collective Foundation Invest – with individual investment strategies

Facts and figures on the collective foundation behind the Swiss Life Business Premium employee benefits solution.

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