The semi-autonomous “Swiss Life Business Invest complementary occupational benefits” scheme allows companies to invest money for occupational benefits with a focus on security while still sharing in the growth of the financial markets.

Our management solution

When it comes to occupational benefits, do you value security-oriented investments – but also want to take advantage of opportunities to earn higher returns? Then Swiss Life Business Invest complementary occupational benefits is the optimal solution. You invest in collective investments with a good chance of higher returns. At the same time you are always secure and you remain financially self-determined: the risks of death and disability are reinsured in full by Swiss Life at all times. The independent management solution is separate from the basic benefits cover and has its own Administrative Board.

Swiss Life Invest complementary occupational benefits: the advantages for you

Better performance: targeted performance improvement for members of management.

Independence: management solution with its own Administrative Board.

Balanced investment: the vested pension capital is invested in a balanced and return-oriented way.

✔ Additional returns: the goal is a particularly attractive rate of interest.

Potential returns: you benefit from the Best Select Invest Plus® approach and the know-how of the best-qualified asset managers.

✔ Individual scope of benefits: you can have your contractual benefits adjusted quickly and self-determinedly in line with changing circumstances.

Favourable structures: the collective foundation offers a favourable age structure and low obligation levels.

Attractive price: by investing in collective investments, you benefit from lower costs than with full insurance.

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With semi-autonomous pension solutions, the employee benefits institution is itself responsible for investing the pension fund assets, and thus also for the associated risks and opportunities. If financial market performance is positive, insured persons can benefit from higher interest on their retirement savings and thus expect higher retirement benefits. In good investment years, a portion of the profit also flows into a so-called value fluctuation reserve, which offsets any capital market fluctuations. A shortfall (cover ratio below 100%) and the associated restructuring measures cannot be ruled out, but are considered an exceptional scenario.

Complementary occupational benefits allow you to define higher returns and cover for members of management in a targeted manner. Furthermore, the solution is separate from the basic benefits cover and has its own Administrative Board.

The goal of Swiss Life Business Invest complementary occupational benefits is to earn an attractive rate of interest on retirement savings for employees.

You will receive monthly reports on the current status of your investments.

The Swiss Life Collective Foundation 2nd Pillar – with collective investments

Facts and figures on the semi-autonomous collective foundation behind Swiss Life Business Invest complementary occupational benefits.

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