For companies seeking an independent and especially secure management solution: the full insurance solution Swiss Life Business Protect Complementary employee benefits offer a 100% capital and interest rate guarantee.

Our solution for management staff

The full insurance solution from Swiss Life Business Protect complementary occupational benefits offers all-round protection with full guarantees. As the customer you bear no investment risk. You and your employees are optimally covered in the event of a claim and remain financially self-determined. The risks of death, disability and old age are fully reinsured by Swiss Life. The autonomous management solution is separate from the basic benefits cover and has its own Administrative Board.

Swiss Life Business Protect complementary occupational benefits: the advantages for you

Added value: your members of management enjoy additional pension benefits – and can look to a financially self-determined future with confidence.

Independence: management solution with its own Administrative Board.

All-round protection: you receive full guarantees for all risks (old age, disability and death).

100% security: you have a capital and interest rate guarantee on your vested pension capital.

✔ Dividend distribution: you share in bonuses, in accordance with your contractual entitlement.

 Individual scope of benefits: you can have your contractual benefits adjusted quickly and in a self-determined manner in line with changing circumstances.

 High flexibility regarding the payment method: you can choose between an annual, quarterly or monthly contribution.

No shortfall: there is no possibility of a shortfall, restructuring measures therefore do not apply.

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The full insurance solution is unique in terms of security. This is because the employee benefits institution passes all the risks on to an insurance company. Swiss Life is one of the few providers of this pension model. Full insurance offers insured persons full guarantees and reinsurance of all risks. A shortfall is impossible as the insurance always guarantees 100% of the employee benefit.

Swiss Life Business Protect complementary occupational benefits covers 100% of all insurance and investment risks, so a shortfall cannot occur. Thus the need for restructuring is also ruled out.

Complementary occupational benefits allow you to define higher returns and cover for members of management in a targeted manner. Furthermore, the solution is separate from the basic benefits cover and has its own Administrative Board.

In 2023, the interest rate for retirement savings in the complementary occupational benefits scheme was 2,062%, including the interest bonus. The bonus for the current year is always distributed at the beginning of the following year.

The Swiss Life Collective Foundation for Complementary Pensions – with reinsurance for all risks

Facts and figures on the collective foundation behind the Swiss Life Business Protect complementary occupational benefits full insurance solution.

Other complementary solutions

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    Maximum self-determination for your management

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    • The investment strategy can be changed at any time
    • Option to conclude savings insurance with 100% nominal value and interest guarantee
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    Opportunities for a higher rate of interest for your management

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    • Vested pension capital invested in a balanced and return-oriented manner
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    • Targeted performance improvement for members of management
    • Free choice of well-known investment foundations
    • Opportunity for higher returns over the long term and a financial self-determined future