Do you attach great importance to secure investments with opportunities for additional returns? Then Swiss Life Business Invest is the right occupational benefits solution for you – with collective investments and potential high returns.

Future provisions with security and potential returns

With Swiss Life Business Invest you can benefit from attractive potential returns with a low level of investment risk. Thanks to the Best Select Invest Plus® approach of the Swiss Life Investment Foundation, you also benefit from the experience and modern investment principles of large pension funds. The risks of death and disability are always reinsured in full by Swiss Life.

Best Select Invest Plus® approach

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    Objective investment strategy

    Competent management of your vested pension capital by the best-qualified asset managers

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    Transparency and security

    Continuous monitoring of the portfolio by an independent investment controlling unit

  • Dank langjähriger Erfahrung und grossen Engagement der Swiss Life Vorsorgeeinrichtungen

    Core satellite approach

    Return and security through structuring of investment groups according to best institutional practice

How you benefit with Swiss Life Business Invest

✔ Balanced investment: The vested pension capital is invested in a balanced and return-oriented way.

✔ Potential returns: You benefit from the Best Select Invest Plus® approach and the know-how of the best-qualified asset managers.

✔ Individual scope of services: Your contractual benefits can be adjusted quickly in line with changing circumstances.

✔ High flexibility regarding the payment method: You can choose between an annual, quarterly or monthly contribution.

✔ Simple procedure: The attractive interest rate and uniform conversion rate apply consistently to all retirement savings.

✔ Favourable structures: The collective foundation offers a favourable age structure and low obligation levels.

✔ Attractive price: You benefit from joint investments and lower costs than with full insurance.

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FAQs about the solution

With semi-autonomous pension solutions, the employee benefits institution is itself responsible for investing the pension fund assets, and thus also for the associated risks and opportunities. If financial market performance is positive, insured persons can benefit from higher interest on their retirement savings and thus expect higher retirement benefits. In good investment years, a portion of the profit also flows into a so-called value fluctuation reserve, which offsets any capital market fluctuations. A shortfall (cover ratio below 100%) and the associated restructuring measures cannot be ruled out, but are considered an exceptional scenario.

Your vested pension capital is managed jointly by Swiss Life Asset Managers together with the capital resources of all affiliated companies.

Swiss Life Business Invest is a comprehensive product in which just one interest rate and one conversion rate are applied for the entire retirement savings (mandatory and supplementary portions). This differs from a split solution where different rates are applied for the two parts.

The Swiss Life Collective Foundation 2nd Pillar – with collective investments

Facts and figures on the semi-autonomous collective foundation behind Swiss Life Business Invest.

Other pension solutions

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    For companies with their own investment experts

    • Individual investment strategy tailored to your needs and wishes
    • Free choice of well-known investment foundations
    • Opportunity for higher returns over the long term
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    For companies looking for a reliable partner

    • 100% capital and interest rate guarantee
    • Full financial backing of all risks
    • Entitlement to bonus distribution
  • SL_CC_Creatives_PEO_12_SP1A3075_3c_300dpi.tif

    For start-up founders who want to conclude their pension insurance online

    • 100% capital and interest rate guarantee
    • Full reinsurance of all risks
    • Entitlement to bonus distribution

Self-determined executive solution for employees

Insure salary portions over CHF 129 060 (as of 2021) in a self-determined manner with Swiss Life's 1e plan.