Determine the strategy yourself: the semi-autonomous Swiss Life Business Select complementary occupational benefits solution allows companies to take control of occupational benefits themselves.

Our solution for management staff

Would you like to regulate your company's occupational provisions in a self-determined manner? With Swiss Life Business Select complementary occupational benefits you enjoy the greatest possible decision-making freedom. You make the investment decisions and define key values, such as the conversion rate or interest on retirement savings, in accordance with your requirements and in line with your company’s financial situation. Furthermore, with this autonomous management solution you can define additional services and cover for your managers in a targeted manner.

Swiss Life Business Select complementary occupational benefits: the advantages for you

Better performance: targeted additional services and salary cover for members of management.

Independence: management solution with its own Administrative Board.

Free choice of investment strategy: you can choose from three renowned investment foundations (Swiss Life, Credit Suisse and UBS).

Success through competence: with the Swiss Life Investment Foundation, you benefit from the Best Select Invest Plus® investment concept, under which only the best-qualified asset managers manage your vested pension capital.

Insured risks: Swiss Life bears the risks of death and disability.

Individual scope of benefits: your contractual benefits can be adjusted in a self-determined manner in line with changing circumstances.

✔ High flexibility regarding the payment method: you can choose between an annual, quarterly or monthly contribution.

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The Swiss Life Business Select complementary occupational benefits scheme is a semi-autonomous solution for management staff. It allows you to decide on the investment strategy self-determinedly. You bear the investment risk – but the risks of death and disability are always reinsured by Swiss Life. Your personal advisor will support you and offer you a professional analysis. Based on this information, you determine the key points of your pension provision, e.g. the level of the conversion rate or the amount of interest paid on your retirement savings.

It is important to ensure that your employee benefits unit is also prepared for possible lean spells. When performance is good, you accumulate reserves so that your employee benefits unit can absorb a poor performance and avoid a shortfall.

Should a shortfall nevertheless occur, restructuring measures may be required, depending on the extent of the shortfall. In such situations, our experts support you with measures tailored to your company.

You have access to an overview of the investments each month. Our insurance advisors are also available to answer any questions at any time.

Complementary occupational benefits allow you to define higher returns and cover for members of management in a targeted manner. Furthermore, the solution is separate from the basic benefits cover and has its own Administrative Board.

Swiss Life Collective Occupational Pension Foundation – with choice of investment foundation

Facts and figures on the semi-autonomous collective foundation behind Swiss Life Business Select complementary occupational benefits.

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