Over the long term, employee health is crucial for motivation and performance. It is therefore an important fact for a company’s competitiveness and success.

Advantages of OHM

Occupational health management provides advantages for both the company and its employees. You benefit on a number of levels:

  • You reduce illness-related absences and presenteeism*.
  • You increase employee motivation, performance and productivity.
  • You reduce the risk of disability, thus lowering insurance premiums (short-term disability benefit and accident insurance as well as occupational provisions).
  • You will be viewed as a more attractive company and employer.
  • OHM measures enable you to achieve a significantly positive cost-benefit ratio.

*This refers to employees who show up for work despite a health ailment or some other issue that would have provided sufficient cause for an absence.



Support the potential of your employees by actively promoting their health and preventing illnesses and accidents.

Early intervention

Keeping an eye on your employees will allow you to respond to difficult situations quickly.


Reintegrating employees in the work process following an illness or an accident can be challenging.

Success Stories

Care Management helps with difficult situations.

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