In the event of illness- or accident-related absences, it is important to reintegrate the relevant person into the work process as soon as possible and on a long-term basis, thus avoiding a case of disability.

We take care of the coordination among the various stakeholders, including the short-term disability insurer, the disability insurance office and physicians. We assist the relevant persons with their professional and social reintegration. The goal is to help the person return to their professional life as quickly as possible.

Our services

  • Clarification with the client
  • Clarification of potential and motivation
  • Situation assessment
  • Implementation of action plan
  • Reintegration

Case management provides those affected with individual support with professional and social reintegration in the event of a potentially extended inability to work or the risk of disability.

This allows you to achieve the following

  • Retain employees and their expertise
  • Avoid disability and thus improve the claims experience
  • Better chances of reintegration thanks to qualified support
  • Reduce lost working time

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Following the assessment, we help our customers implement the measures and if necessary, we involve specialised partners.