The goal: Ensure your employees’ health, strengthen available resources and use early recognition to respond quickly when performance falls or looks set to fall.

How do I deal with challenging employee situations?

A growing number of employees are overwhelmed by stress at work. Fatigue, internal tension, difficulty concentrating or reduced performance are often followed by loss of working hours. The sooner stressful situations involving employees are recognised, the more effectively those employees can be supported. 

You can see in the video how the targeted use of Swiss Life Care Management offers immediate aid and prevents a bad outcome. Swiss Life provides its corporate clients with a competent specialist. Free advice helps prevent lost working hours and reduce absences. Early detection ensures that long-term incapacity to work is not an issue. It encourages an early and long-term return to work. At the same time, social engagement distinguishes the company and promotes employee identification with the company. 

Swiss Life provides rapid support for work-related, social, health-related or personal problems. This saves time and money.

Rapid action is the most reliable tool in the event of incapacity to work. Swiss Life is committed to early intervention. Swiss Life's Care Management supports your company even before an employee becomes unable to work.

What is the benefit for your company and your employees?

  • A professional contact person and expert support
  • Avoidance of lost working hours or reduction of absences
  • Clarification of the situation in the event of unexplainable and/or repeated absences
  • Earlier return to work
  • Early detection of an impending long-term incapacity to work
  • Fewer disability cases and therefore lower insurance premiums
  • Social engagement fosters identification with the company

New placement is a form of professional reorientation support for employees whose employment relationship is likely to be or has been terminated or who are taking early retirement.

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Support the potential of your employees by actively promoting their health and preventing illnesses and accidents.


Reintegrating employees in the work process following an illness or an accident can be challenging.

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