Prevention includes making employees aware of issues, actively promoting health and implementing precautionary measures at workstations and within the company. This supports the individual potential of employees.

We identify sensible and appropriate workplace health promotion measures for your company. Then we help you to implement these measures.

Our services

Resources and stress – workshop for employees or managers
Occupational skin health check

Working in front of a screen in a healthy manner (in German)
Correct lifting and carrying (in German)

Stumbling/falling starter kit (in German)
Move@work (in German)

Occupational safety:
Risk analysis for SMEs (in German)
Setting up a security system (in German)

Leisure time safety:
Module: Housework and DIY (home and garden) (in German)
Snow sport (in German)
Safely riding a bicycle (in German)

We offer our Prevention modules in collaboration with our partner Suva

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Early intervention

Keeping an eye on your employees will allow you to respond to difficult situations quickly.


Reintegrating employees in the work process following an illness or an accident can be challenging.

Our partners

Following the assessment, we help our customers implement the measures and if necessary, we involve specialised partners.