Would you like to insure the risks of death and disability for at least 50 insured persons? Swiss Life Company Flatrate's flat-rate premium greatly simplifies your administration.

Our solution

Swiss Life Company Flatrate is the right choice for your employee benefits institution if you would like to combine comprehensive death and disability cover with a risk premium you can budget for in advance. Depending on the model, the risks of death and disability are reinsured by Swiss Life in full through regulation coverage, or in part if preferred.

Supplement your basic insurance with a flexible pension solution for your management employees. Our advisors will be pleased to provide further information about Swiss Life Company Flatrate complementary benefits. Contact us for a non-binding consultation.

How you benefit with Swiss Life Company Flatrate

Benefits: you can choose between full or partial reinsurance of the risks of death and disability.

Risk capacity and cover ratio: your pension fund's risk capacity increases thanks to the financial backing. You can reduce your insurance reserves and thus improve your cover ratio.

Flat-rate premium with guarantee: the premium rate, which is based on an individual tariff tailored to your pension fund, is guaranteed for the contract term (1 to 5 years). The defined premium rate applies to all insured persons.

Efficiency: the flat-rate premium simplifies administration, since you only have to report the number of employees to be insured once a year.

Dividend distribution: you can choose from two bonus models.

✔ Longevity: by purchasing retirement benefits, you can transfer the longevity risk to Swiss Life.

Independent investment: the investment of the pension fund assets remains in your pension fund. You continue to shape your investment strategy in self-determination.

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Yes, Swiss Life Company Flatrate gives you the opportunity to budget for the volatile risk costs in advance.

Yes, the longevity risk can also be transferred to Swiss Life through a buy-in by the recipients of a retirement pension.

Yes, you decide whether death and disability risks should be reinsured in part or in full (congruent).

You can choose from two bonus models:

1. Legal quote includes an annual bonus from the group of all affiliated companies regardless of the foundation's individual claims experience.

2. The individualised bonus calculation (IBC) is suitable for larger foundations of 100 people or more with a better than average claims experience. Your claims burden is offset against the risk premium, and a waiting period reserve is accumulated. This is used to pay any claims that arise during the contract term, but the waiting period does not expire until after the end of the contract. The unused proportion is reimbursed in full.

Our pension solutions

  • Eigenheim

    From 1 insured person with all-round risk protection

    • Full financial backing of death, disability and longevity risks
    • 100% capital and interest rate guarantee
    • Entitlement to bonus distribution
  • Freizeit

    From 10 insured persons with an individual premium rate

    • Congruent risk reinsurance
    • The pension fund manages the savings component in self-determination
    • Option of insuring longevity
  • Maler

    From 100 insured persons with a risk-cost ceiling

    • Cost limitation in the event of disability and death
    • Flexible maturities and easy to manage
    • The investment of the vested pension capital remains with your pension fund
  • SL_Employees_Work_02_JB9A4803

    From 300 insured persons and CHF 50 million pension fund assets

    • Reinsurance of the risks of death and disability
    • Modular expandable service offering
    • Discharge of administrative duties