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In occupational provisions you have a choice of three pension models: full insurance, the semi-autonomous and autonomous solution. If you don't want to set up your own employee benefits institution, you can join a collective foundation. You then have the choice between a full insurance and a semi-autonomous solution. Full insurance prioritises security: investment and longevity risks are fully covered in addition to death and disability.

With semi-autonomous foundations, on the other hand, the foundation (and therefore the affiliated companies and their staff) bear the investment risk – as well as the investment opportunities in the form of higher long-term returns. The design of semi-autonomous foundations ranges from solutions with investments at foundation level (investment decision by the Board of Trustees), through solutions with investments at affiliated employer level (investment decision by the Administrative Board) to individual investment solutions for the insured person (1e solution). Swiss Life offers you the full range of pension solutions with significant scope for customisation.

The full insurance solution is unique in terms of security. That is because the employee benefits institution passes all the risks on to an insurance company. Swiss Life is one of the few providers of this pension model. Full insurance offers insured persons full guarantees and reinsurance of all risks. A shortfall is impossible as the insurance always guarantees the employee benefit 100%.

With semi-autonomous pension solutions, the employee benefits institution is itself responsible for investing the pension fund assets, and thus also for the associated risks and rewards. If financial market developments are positive, insured persons can benefit from a higher interest rate on their retirement savings and thus expect higher retirement benefits. In good investment years, a portion of the profit also flows into a so-called value fluctuation reserve, which offsets any capital market fluctuations. A shortfall (cover ratio below 100%) and the associated restructuring measures cannot be ruled out, but are considered an exceptional scenario.

The conversion rate determines the sum of the pension on retirement. For this purpose, the retirement savings accumulated at the time of retirement are multiplied by the conversion rate, which results in the annual retirement pension. The conversion rate for the mandatory retirement savings is set in the Occupational Pensions Act (BVG) and is currently 6.8%. Pension funds are free to set their own conversion rate for supplementary benefits.

The trend in occupational provisions remains dynamic. Our specialists will be glad to show you and your employees how their provisions are structured, what happens to their contribution payments and what the current changes in the pension system mean to each of them personally. That way you and your employees can keep track of the situation and plan ahead.  

Your Swiss Life advisor will be happy to provide you with detailed information on these topics.

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Security is especially important to you

You are looking for absolute security in your occupational provisions and don't want to have to deal with investing fund assets? Our corresponding offer is called Swiss Life Business Protect.

You are looking for attractive earnings opportunities

You would like to exploit attractive earnings opportunities in occupational provisions – while maintaining a certain level of security at the same time? Then Swiss Life Business Invest is your pension solution: with collective investments and the opportunity of additional returns.

You would like to determine your own investment strategy

You don't want to leave investment decisions about occupational provisions at employee benefits unit level to others? You want to have input in these decisions? If so, this insurance solution is the best for you.

Would you like more options for investing your managers' pension assets?

 Swiss Life Business Premium allows members of management with salaries above CHF 127 980 (as of 2020) to adjust their occupational provisions to their individual requirements.

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Do you have any questions about future provisions and insurance? Our insurance and financial experts will be happy to examine your individual situation and provide you with solutions. That way you can shape your entrepreneurial future in self-determination.

Offers for foundations

Company foundations

Would you like to find out about the opportunities available through a company foundation? In Swiss Life Pension Services, you have a competent partner at your side to find the optimal solution for your company and you can count on professional support in implementing your solution.

Pension solutions for foundations

Do you already have your own company foundation and want to find out more about our pension solutions and services? Swiss Life offers you tailor-made solutions and supports you with self-determined provisions for your company foundation.

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Occupational health management

Employee health is crucial to long-term service potential and thus makes a fundamental contribution to competitiveness and business success.

Staff orientation

The staff orientation is a free additional service for our customers. At an event held for you and your employees, we provide you with practical information concerning individual insurance situations.

Swiss Life myLife for companies

Use Swiss Life myLife to manage your company’s occupational provisions.

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