This sports enthusiast uses his free time for his greatest hobby: bicycle racing. And when the weather plays along, he manages up to 1000 kilometres a month. At 59 years of age, Marcel Bieri has now decided to take partial retirement – and can enjoy his hobby more than ever.

Marcel Bieri lives with his wife Cornelia in the little town of Courroux. He decided on his profession, teaching, 38 years ago. His goal: to work with children and pass on his knowledge, a combination he appreciates in his working life to this day. A few years back, however, Marcel felt the urge to spend more time doing his own thing, especially cycling. The exercise keeps him in shape while he explores his surroundings.


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I have reduced my working hours so I can enjoy other things, such as my hobbies.

Marcel consulted Swiss Life regarding early retirement. His advisor helped him figure out the financial consequences and set his mind at ease, and in the end, he decided to take partial retirement. All financial issues were resolved – and Marcel has been able to enjoy his life in self-determination since.

Partial retirement offers him an ideal balance between work and leisure. For the time being, Marcel cannot imagine entirely giving up his career as a teacher. Music is his other great passion, which is why he has so much fun working with his students, particularly in music class. And his band, Music and Light, is also enjoying a successful comeback at the moment.

When will it be time to retire for good? Marcel is sure his body and his mind will let him know. One thing is certain: he will be making one of his greatest dreams come true, which is to cycle clear across the United States.


Marcel Bieri is 59 years old and lives with his wife Cornelia and their two sons in Courroux near Delémont. The teacher in partial retirement lives for his work – but his family and his cycling get a lot of attention too. With a pillar 3a solution from Swiss Life, Marcel is already benefiting from tax advantages today.

Plan early retirement in good time

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