Moving is more than just packing boxes, cleaning the flat, and "goodbye". Moving means leaving your old home behind – and arriving in a new one. It can be a rather uncomfortable feeling, especially when it’s your first own apartment. But with the right preparation and a practical moving checklist, you can make your way to your new realm with self-determination and feel pretty great about it – wait and see.

Lease signed? Congratulations – that’s the start of your new life in your new apartment. But there's still a lot to do before you move. Would you have thought that the first challenges would be four months before the actual move? Our practical moving checklist will show you what you should do and when.

Moving checklist: four months before going to your dream apartment

One woman, young lady moved into her new apartment, holding a plant.

Four months before the moving date

  • Give notice on your old apartment on time, ideally by registered letter 
  • Find a new tenant if you terminate the contract prematurely
  • Compare car rental offers for vans
  • Obtain quotes from cleaning companies
  • Terminate or amend current contracts and subscriptions, e.g. internet, telephone, gym, newspaper subscription 

Three months before the moving date

  • Request time off work for the move 
  • If necessary, deregister from your municipality
  • Inform authorities and service providers of your new address
  • Make an appointment to have your electricity meter read
  • Arrange appointments to hand over the old apartment and move into the new one
  • Notify Serafe for your radio and television fees
One woman, young lady moved into her new apartment, unpacking boxes alone.

Two months before the moving date

  • Which friends will help with the move? Does your family have time? Or will the removals firm do it all
  • Possibly compare offers from removals firms 
  • Do you have a pet? If so, you should leave it with friends or relatives on the moving day
  • Who dares to drive the van? 
  • Make sure you have boxes and and packaging material 
  • Start clearing out and don’t forget the basement, attic or balcony
  • Dispose of special and bulky waste
  • Give your old clothes for collection, put them in the designated container (Altkleidercontainer), give them away or sell them to a second hand shop
  • Sell, give away, or bring to the Brockenhaus any furniture that you aren’t taking with you
One woman, young lady moved into her new apartment, unpacking boxes alone.

One month before the moving date

  • Start packing boxes 
  • Einen Monat vor dem ZügelterminGet the new flat ready, if possible
  • Is any renovation work needed in the new apartment?
  • What purchases are required for the new apartment?

Two weeks before the moving date

  • Prepare the apartment step by step for the handover
  • Does repair work need to be carried out in the old apartment? 
  • Paint the new and old apartment, if necessary
  • Finish clearing the cellar, attic and balcony 
  • Do you have the tools you need for moving? In case of doubt: ask your father. 
  • Inform the post office so they can redirect your post

One week before the moving date

  • Disassemble furniture – you may have to spend a couple of nights sleeping on a mattress on the floor – your helpers will thank you, because there will be enough to do during the move. Make sure you clearly label the screws for each piece of furniture.
  • Is there enough room for the van in front of the apartment? In case of doubt: reserve your parking space.
  • Do you have all the keys to the old apartment? 

One day before the move

  • Put your valuables somewhere safe. In case of doubt: ask your mother. 
  • What do you want to give your helpers to eat and drink? Family pizzas are always a good solution.
  • Prepare the apartment and furniture for the move
One woman, young lady moved into her new apartment, unpacking boxes alone.

On the moving day

  • Stay calm. Stay calm. And then: stay calm.
  • Do not forget cleaning equipment. Or will a cleaning firm take care of that?
  • Coordinate the move
  • Perform a last check to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything in the apartment
    Empty the letterbox and remove your nametag – now remember to breathe and stay strong. Goodbye, old apartment!
Man and woman, young couple moving into their new apartment together, lying on the floor together.

Hello, new realm!

  • Register in the new municipality
  • Unpack boxes
  • Assemble the furniture 
  • Return any borrowed tools – thank your father.
  • Retrieve your valuables – thank your mother.
  • Clean the old apartment if you haven’t hired a cleaning company
  • Reclaim your rent deposit
  • Organise a small dinner for your helpers
  • Put your name on your letterbox and doorbell
    It's best to check: are you sure you have informed all the authorities and service providers about your move and the new address? 
  • Put your feet up – enjoy.

Enjoy your new surroundings and make yourself feel at home. Welcome to your new apartment. Wasn’t it worth it?

Image source: iStock, South_agency

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