Once you have found your dream home, the question remains whether you can afford it. Affordability plays a role here. Financing gaps also need to be identified and closed. Here you can find out exactly what this means and how we can support you.

How you can afford your dream property

When buying a house or apartment, the balance between equity and debt capital must be right. Long-term affordability should also be ensured so you can live in your own home for a long time. 

Three points are particularly important:

  • Equity: The capital you have contributed must amount to at least 20% of the price of the home.
  • Debt capital: The debt capital (the mortgage) can be up to 80% of the price of the home.
  • Affordability: After the purchase, there are the upkeep costs for your property. You need to be able to afford them in the long term. 

What affordability means

The affordability indicates whether you can also afford your property over the long term. In other words: affordability is the ratio of a property's upkeep costs to your income. 

Optimise the financing for your own home

You can optimise your accumulation of equity capital. Equity may consist, for example, of money in the bank or securities proceeds. But these amounts are often not sufficient for the purchase of a property. However, there are other financing options:

  • You can pledge your pillar 3a capital or withdraw it early.    
  • You can also pledge assets in your pension fund, the 2nd pillar, or withdraw them early.
  • You can also build up your equity with an inheritance advancement.

By pledging pillar assets you are better off than by taking out an advance withdrawal and can also continue to provide for your retirement. That way you can look to the future with financial confidence.

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sources of financing.

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Choosing the right mortgage

There are various mortgage models on the Swiss market. There are fixed-rate mortgages with a fixed term and a fixed rate of interest, as well as variable-rate mortgages without a fixed term and with a variable rate of interest. Then there is the LIBOR mortgage with a fixed term and a variable interest rate. Finally, the SARON mortgage has no fixed term and also has a variable interest rate.


How do I find the right mortgage?

Find out about the different types of mortgage.


Mortgages offering best rates

Read here how to get the mortgage with the best interest rate for you.

Evaluate the purchase price of your residential

It may be worthwhile to investigate whether your dream home or apartment is cheap or overpriced. We have the right tools to calculate and estimate the purchase price of your property. 

How we can help you acquire your own four walls

We will be happy to support you in acquiring your own home and accompany you from A to Z. In addition, we will advise you on provisions, finances and financial security. At Swiss Life you get everything from a single source – so you can look forward to a financially secure and self-determined future.

We will be pleased to answer your questions.

Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Arrange a consultation

Our experts at Swiss Life and Swiss Life Select would be happy to advise you on purchasing your own home – at a location of your choice or online by video.

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