With this investment solution, you delegate management of your portfolio to Swiss Life Wealth Management Ltd. You can invest in one of four investment strategies. These take account of your risk profile and differ in terms of the respective equity component.

In brief

Swiss Life Premium Delegate is a fund/custody account with asset management. Whether low-risk or high-risk: together with your advisor, you select your personal investment strategy and develop your investor profile. You delegate the investment decisions within the selected investment strategy to Swiss Life Wealth Management Ltd. This gives you access, among other things, to low-cost investment components, such as ETFs and index funds.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Potential returns instead of lower interest rates – even for small amounts
  • Professional management of the investments by specialists
  • Optimum diversification and continuous risk management
  • High availability of your assets as an important basis for your financial self-determination

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More about the product

Swiss Life is the market leader in Switzerland for pensions and long-term savings.

Swiss Life is a leading asset manager with over 150 years of experience in managing customer assets. With our Swiss Life Premium Delegate investment offer, you benefit from our comprehensive expertise. We offer you competent, target-oriented and comprehensive advice on all topics of your personal pension provision – so you can look carefree to a financially self-determined future.

Deposits of CHF 1000 and higher are possible as one-time payments, CHF 100 as regular payments and CHF 20 000 for withdrawal plans.

You can withdraw your money at any time self-determinedly by selling units on trading days.

We work with the following partners:

Swiss Life Wealth Management Ltd

As an asset manager of private fixed assets, we enable our clients to invest strategically in a self-determined life full of financial confidence. We offer them comprehensive advice tailored to their needs as well as investment solutions, individual asset management and foundation products. Our customers benefit from over 165 years of investment expertise and the financial know-how of an extensive network within the Swiss Life Group. 

Lienhardt & Partner Privatbank Zürich AG

Founded in 1868, Lienhardt & Partner Privatbank Zürich AG has a wealth of experience and expertise in the investment and pensions business, with real estate and in private banking. It is licensed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and is a member of the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA). It is also responsible for account and custody account maintenance. 

The investment strategy is based on your risk profile. The higher the risk, the greater the tolerated fluctuations in assets and the longer the recommended investment horizon.

Income: The Income investment strategy tolerates slight fluctuations in assets and exposes the customer to low risk. The recommended investment horizon is at least five years.

Balanced: The Balanced investment strategy tolerates moderate fluctuations in assets and exposes the customer to medium risk. The recommended investment horizon is at least five years.

Growth: The Growth investment strategy tolerates elevated fluctuations in assets and exposes the customer to higher risk. The recommended investment horizon is at least eight years.

Equity: The Equity investment strategy tolerates high fluctuations in assets and exposes the customer to high risk. The recommended investment horizon is at least twelve years.

Would you like to combine assets from different sources at Swiss Life and invest them? Then the starter account is the right solution for you. You invest a larger amount in one of our investment solutions. At the same time you set up a standing order and invest money every month in the desired investment solutions. The interest rate is 0%.

You can choose from among regular deposits, a one-off deposit or a withdrawal plan.

Product comparison

  • Asset management: Delegate your investment decisions to our experts

    Swiss Life Premium Delegate

    • Delegate investment decisions
    • Actively managed fund portfolios
  • Relevant investment themes according to your personal preferences

    Swiss Life Premium Preference

    • Select preferred investment theme
    • Six investment themes
  • Invest in a first-class fund

    Swiss Life Premium Define

    • Select investment funds yourself
    • Various individual funds

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