Many key questions related to retirement need to be asked early on: how high will your income and expenses be? Do you prefer withdrawals in the form of a pension or a lump sum payment? With the help of a comprehensive overview, you can plan the important steps now.

We will discuss your current life situation with you, including your financial plans and goals, in a personal consultation. Using this information, we will calculate the income and outgoings you can expect in retirement, as well as the change in your tax situation. We will also review how affordable your property is and show you how you can save taxes.

The result will be an individual pension plan with solutions developed especially for you. Swiss Life will support you in implementing the plan in a self-determined manner and will advise you in the years to come. Within five years, you can have your pension plan updated at no charge, so that your planning keeps pace with the changes in your life.

Your advantages at a glance

  • You receive an overview of your financial future in retirement as well as customised solutions.
  • You see how your income, expenditures and retirement benefits will change over time.
  • You see how your taxes will change, allowing you to develop corresponding measures.
  • You receive long-term advice and support: within five years, we will – at your request – adapt your personal analysis in line with new circumstances at no charge.
  • You can be certain that your financial situation will be planned in accordance with your wishes.

Plan your pension in good time!

Are you interested in personal retirement planning from Swiss Life, or do you have questions? We would also be happy to advise you by video instead of in the General Agency or at your home.

More about the product

  • Overview of changes to your income, expenditures and assets from now to when you are older
  • Comparison of pension versus lump-sum withdrawal
  • Calculation of the change in your tax situation
  • Overview of income and expenditures if your partner dies
  • Calculation of the affordability of your own home when you are older
  • Individual action plan with proposed solutions
  • Five-year mandate

During a free initial consultation, your insurance advisor will discuss your financial situation with you – including your personal needs, goals and wishes.

Based on your needs and wishes, we analyse your financial situation and provide you with customised solutions. Of course, we will also help you to implement these in a self-determined manner – for the next five years.


  • A clear presentation in graph and table format of your future income and expenditures, the change in your assets and your taxes.
  • A comparative calculation for drawing a pension or a lump sum payment, e.g. a 100% pension compared with a 50% pension and 50% lump sum payment, as well as the resulting tax changes.
  • An overview of income and expenditures if your partner dies.
  • An individual action plan that supports you over the long term and shows you when you should take which steps, such as making a pension fund purchase, registering for an AHV pension or reallocating your assets.

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