Working as an employee and starting self-employment on the side – a dream many working people want to realise in a self-determined manner. But what happens to your AHV if you are self-employed part-time? Swiss Life explains.

Do I generally pay AHV contributions if I work as a self-employed person?

Yes, the AHV – old age and survivors' insurance (first pillar, state benefits) is generally mandatory for self-employed persons. In other words, you also have to pay contributions to IV (disability insurance) and EO (Ordinance on indemnity for loss of earnings).

Thanks to the 1st pillar, you can meet your subsistence requirements in old age or in the event of death. The amount of the contributions depends on your income from self-employment.

I work part-time on a self-employed basis. What happens to the AHV?

If you work self-employed on a part-time basis and your income from your job as an employee is already covered by the AHV, you must nevertheless register your secondary occupation as a self-employed person.

If you earn less than 9300 Swiss francs as a self-employed person and a gross salary subject to AHV contributions of at least 4702 Swiss francs in the same calendar year as an employee, the self-employed contributions may, however, be reduced. To do this, please contact your responsible social security administration office.

If, on the other hand, you earn less than CHF 2300 per year in your self-employed secondary occupation, registration with the AHV is voluntary, provided that at least one of these three points is fulfilled:

  • In addition to your self-employment, you are also an employee
  • You receive daily unemployment benefits
  • You are married or in a registered partnership and manage the household and your partner pays at least CHF 964 in AHV contributions p.a.

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