Invest your money according to your requirements – in fund-linked pension solutions or investments.

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Investment solutions without insurance protection

  • Swiss Life Premium Delegate

    With this investment solution, you delegate management of your portfolio to Swiss Life Asset Management Ltd. Based on your risk profile, you invest in one of four strategies: Income, Balanced, Growth and Equity.

  • Swiss Life Premium Preference

    With this solution, you choose one of six current and relevant investment themes and invest in a portfolio based on your personal risk profile. Our experts continually monitor your investments and ensure your criteria are complied with at all times.

  • Swiss Life Premium Define

    Swiss Life Premium Define allows you to invest in a selected fund from a given investment area – as an individual investment or as an addition to your current investments and according to your risk profile.

  • Swiss Life Premium PayoutPlan

    Invest your money long term and benefit from earnings opportunities on the capital market.

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Pension solutions with insurance protection

  • Swiss Life Premium Assets STY

    Put your money into unit-linked life insurance, and it will be invested in a fund portfolio consisting of three attractive investments.

  • Swiss Life Premium Comfort

    Swiss Life Premium Comfort is a fund-linked life insurance in pillar 3a or 3b with opportunities for attractive returns. At the same time, you also benefit from tax-exempt income.

  • Swiss Life Vitality

    Swiss Life Vitality is fund-linked life insurance in non-tax-qualified provisions (pillar 3b) that is financed with a one-off premium. It offers attractive potential returns and a guaranteed lump-sum death benefit.

  • Swiss Life Champion Advance

    Are you looking for an attractive investment opportunity with the security of a life insurance policy? Swiss Life Champion Advance combines the potential returns of a fund-linked investment with the security of Swiss Life guarantees.

  • Swiss Life Calmo IncomePlan

    Secure and individual income to supplement your AHV and pension fund benefits: With Swiss Life Calmo, you’ll be able to cover your ongoing expenses and treat yourself to something special every now and then with any returns.

  • Swiss Life Calmo

    With Swiss Life Calmo you can choose from a total of three products. Among other things, these products differ in terms of the type of premium payment – one-off or periodic.

  • Swiss Life Premium Expert

    Benefit with this unit-linked life insurance policy from term-optimised investment management.

  • Swiss Life FlexSave Invest

    Are you looking for a way to generate a greater return on your savings than the negligible interest earned on a savings account? Is security a priority for you and do you not want to have to worry about share price performance?

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Vested benefits

  • Swiss Life vested benefits account/custody account

    This solution allows you to invest your vested benefits flexibly – perfect for anyone who has (temporarily) ended or limited their employment activity or become self-employed.

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