Not only does Swiss Life FlexSave Duo offer a guaranteed minimum payout, it also presents attractive opportunities for returns. In years when the stock markets perform well, there may be additional gains due to the participation in the index basket.

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    Those who plan are more financially confident

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    Accumulating capital is among the main ambitions of Swiss under 40

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    80% of women who become pregnant take time off from work during pregnancy 

In a nutshell

Savings insurance with an extra advantage: in addition to the guaranteed minimum payout, you may also see gains as a result of the index participation. We credit these gains to your contract each year – so they are secure. And don’t worry, negative stock market performance does not affect the guaranteed benefits. You also benefit from the flexibility of the combined pension plan. The combined pension plan enables you to switch between tax-qualified provisions (pillar 3a) and non-tax-qualified provisions (pillar 3b) in line with your needs.

As an additional form of protection, you can arrange to have Swiss Life continue paying the premiums for you if you become disabled, to receive a pension if you become disabled, or to receive a guaranteed minimum payout if you die.

Your benefits at a glance

  • You receive a guaranteed minimum payout on expiry of the insurance.
  • You participate in the positive performance of the index basket.
  • We protect the gains made each year – this increases your guaranteed payout on expiry of the insurance.
  • With the option “Reinvest participation gains”, you benefit from higher potential returns.
  • You can interrupt the premiums.
  • With optional benefits in the event of disability and death, you can ensure better protection for yourself.
  • With this combined pension plan, you can choose between pillar 3b and tax-privileged pillar 3a.
  • Tax advantages of pillar 3a: premiums can be deducted from taxable income up to the statutory maximum amount. Upon payout, the lump-sum payment is subject to a reduced income tax rate that is separate from other income.
    Tax advantages of pillar 3b: in the event of survival or death: no income tax. During the contract term, only wealth tax on the surrender value (at cantonal level only).
  • Option Complete: this option allows you to increase the risk cover in the event of changed life circumstances, without the need for a medical examination. The option also includes preferantial terms and conditions for Swiss Life fixed-rate mortgages.

Make an appointment for a consultation

Want to learn more about the Swiss Life FlexSave Duo product or do you have questions? We would be pleased to provide you with more information – in a personal and non-binding consultation. We would also be happy to advise you by video instead of in the General Agency or at your home.

Information regarding index participation

See your detailed statement for the participation code relevant to your contract

More about the product

You can increase your risk cover as part of the coverge extension gaurantee, for example when you purchase a home. You also receive special terms and conditions on Swiss Life fixed-rate mortgages.

The index basket is based on the performance of well-known market indexes (SMI, EuroStoxx50, S&P 500, Nikkei and FTSE) and currently takes account of the market regions Switzerland, the USA, Europe, Japan and Great Britain.

If only one region has positive performance within a year*, it still results in gains from the index participation. We credit this gain to your contract.

* Based on the participation key date according to your policy

If you choose the “Reinvest participation gains”, half your gains from index participation will be used to acquire additional index participation the following participation year.

Please note: 

  • The "Reinvestment participation gains" option is not possible for contracts with a participation key date of 1 February. 
  • You can choose to select or remove "Reinvest participation gains" each years

Product comparison

  • Promising savings with guarantee

    Swiss Life FlexSave Duo

    • Guarantees and potential return
    • Benefit from index developments
    • Protection of profits
  • Optimum mix of security and return

    Swiss Life Dynamic Elements Duo

    • Good potential return
    • Defined payment schedule and amount
    • Free choice of security level
  • Tax-optimised saving in pillar 3a/3b

    Swiss Life Premium Comfort Duo

    • Potential return
    • Selection from four fund portfolios
    • Tax-optimised saving