Unexpected events, such as illness, accident, need for care or death, can quickly lead to a major financial burden. With risk insurance, you protect yourself, your family and your business partners, so you can look to your financial future with confidence.

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    Many women are in a precarious situation after retirement and financially dependent on their partner

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    Nine out of ten cases of disability are due to illness, one due to accident

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    Life partners are typically not financially covered upon the death of their partner

Relevant FAQs

Death is an enormous emotional and financial burden for the survivors: first and second pillar pensions are often not sufficient for covering the costs of living and ongoing obligations. AHV and pension fund benefits cover about 80% of the lost salary income following an accidental death. In the event of death as a result of an illness, only around 40% of salary income is covered. This can result in a corresponding income gap. In the case of unmarried couples, the survivors are generally not entitled to a pension and depend on a supplementary pension. With term life insurance you can financially protect survivors or other beneficiaries.


In general, risk insurance with payment in the event of death is of interest to many people who would like to protect their survivors against financial burdens. This is particularly true for:

  • Families: to protect persons who are close (family, life partner etc.)
  • Self-employed persons: to protect business partners in order to ensure the continued existence of the company
  • Homeowners: to ensure payment of the mortgage so the life partner or the family can continue to live in the home in the event of death

Illnesses and accidents are often unforeseen and can have drastic consequences for your ability to work. In the worst case, you may no longer be able to make a living on your own. You may be covered by your employer for a period. However, over the long term statutory disability insurance will only cover a portion of your previous income.

You can cover the gap of 10% in the event of an accident or 40% in the event of an illness with risk insurance. This will ensure that you do not have to suffer a loss of your usual standard of living in addition to suffering an illness or accident.


With social insurance, such as AHV, disability insurance, supplementary benefits and a pension fund, certain benefits are included in the event of disability or death. However, first and second pillar benefits are invested in a manner that ensures they only cover a portion of your usual income and, in the worst case, provide only the bare minimum required to survive. This can result in gaps as a result of the lifestyle based on your income, which can be closed via private provisions with risk insurance.

Needing care as a result of an illness, an accident or because of your age can never be ruled out. The resulting costs are only partly covered by health insurance, your canton and your municipality, which can mean a considerable financial burden – e.g. CHF 85,000 annually for care in a nursing home. Your savings will quickly be used up and you may even have to sell your home. Long-term care pension insurance provides you with entitlement to a long-term pension that ensures the requisite financial security in this situation. Such security is also especially important for your family!

Individual protection

Everyone leads their own life, that’s why there’s individual protection. At Swiss Life, we know this and have therefore developed various solutions that allow you to secure your finances. So you don’t need to worry.

Make sure you’re protected financially

On the safe side

Risk insurance protects you, your family and your business partners from the financial consequences of disability due to illness or accident, in the event of the need for long-term care or in case of death – adapted to your individual stage of life.

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