In the virtual world, financial expert Thomas is better known as “Der Sparkojote” (“The Thrifty Coyote”). We’ve already featured two reports on the friendly YouTuber and blogger, reported on his life as a minimalist and benefited from his valuable tips on saving money. But where does the 23-year-old stand on private provisions?

Financial expert Thomas Kovacs deliberately concentrates on the important things in life. He keeps his big goal in mind at all times: to have his “first million” by age 30. He is sticking to that goal in self-determination. Thomas lives the life of a minimalist. Despite a current net worth of over CHF 150 000, he continues to share a 2-1/2-room apartment with his girlfriend. His clothes cupboard is similarly modest, containing no more than 70 items. And the mattress on the floor of his office? Still hasn’t been exchanged for a comfier box spring.

Thomas stresses that saving money is a side effect of minimalism. He focuses on the things he likes, material things as well as friendships or leisure-time activities. But how does “The Thrifty Coyote” rate on saving for his old age? Where does Thomas AKA “The Thrifty Coyote” stand on retirement provisions and the 3rd pillar? He tells us in his own words in a video interview:

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I would advise everyone to make their own provisions. Otherwise you’ll wake up one day at 70 and find you still have to work part time, because your money and your state supplements no longer suffice to maintain your standard of living.

Saving on taxes with pillar 3a – pay in this year to benefit

To ensure that you can benefit from the advantages for the current tax period, be sure to make deposits to pillar 3 by mid-December. You’ll receive a receipt showing the amount you have deposited, which you can submit with your tax return. You can fully deduct your deposits from your income tax.

Thomas Kovacs


Der Sparkojote

Thomas Kovacs is 23 years old. At 18 he had already opened his first shareholder's safekeeping account. Today Thomas runs a successful financial blog and YouTube channel under the name “Sparkojote”. He also sells trading card games and merchandise in his own online shop. Thomas is a minimalist: he reduces his life exclusively to the things he truly likes.

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