Fine pastries, colourful eggs and fragrant flowers – finally Easter is here. Swiss Life would like to give you and your family some fun tips on how to spend the long weekend in your own four walls.

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Tip 1: Spend time with your loved ones via a video call

If you can't spend Easter together with your whole family or friends, a video call is a great alternative. Just set up a laptop or tablet – and you can take part in the Easter egg hunt, enjoy a virtual Sunday brunch together or even try out a board game in front of the camera. Let's hear it for today's technology!


Tip 2: Colourful eggs with natural dyes

Admittedly, dyeing eggs at Easter is not a very creative tip. But did you know that your dyes might already be hiding in your pantry or fridge? These foods can be used for egg dyeing:

  • Green: spinach, parsley
  • Red: beetroot
  • Blue: blueberries, elderflower juice
  • Yellow: turmeric
  • Orange: carrots
  • Brown: coffee

Lemon juice and kitchen twine can make patterns, and so can leaves and flowers fixed to the egg with a nylon stocking. Detailed instructions can be found on the Internet. Let your creativity run wild!


Tip 3: Try out creative baking recipes

There’s no better start to Easter Sunday than a hearty breakfast. You can use your time at home to try out a new baking recipe. Decorate the table with colourful eggs and fresh flowers. That's sure to create a good mood!


Tip 4: Bring spring into your home

Bring the spring-like weather into your home – with fresh flowers from the local florist. Some flower shops offer delivery services that bring cut flowers right to your door. Not only the florist will be happy – your enjoyment of the upcoming Easter holiday will bloom all the more! 


Tip 5: Easter puzzles for the whole Family

Are you already looking forward to hiding and searching for Easter nests? If you’re spending Easter with your family, you can turn it into something very special this year: think up a small puzzle or even a scavenger hunt for the children. The answers provide clues to the hiding place. It's a great way to make the search even more creative and last longer.


Tip 6: Easter post for friends and Family

Just because you can't see each other at Easter doesn't mean you have to do without surprises. Do something nice for family members and friends and send them some colourful Easter mail. A good mood is guaranteed!

Swiss Life wishes you and your family a pleasant Easter. 

How do you spend Easter in your own four walls?

We look forward to your Easter inspiration. If you like, link our @swisslife Instagram profile to your post – and with a bit of luck we will share your personal inspiration in our Insta story.

Image source: iStock, fizkes / Unsplash

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