Fine pastries, colourful eggs and fragrant flowers – finally Easter is here. Swiss Life would like to give you and your family some fun tips on how to spend the long weekend.


Tip 1: Colourful eggs with natural dyes

Admittedly, dyeing eggs at Easter is not a very creative tip. But did you know that your dyes might already be hiding in your pantry or fridge? These foods can be used for egg dyeing:

  • Green: spinach, parsley
  • Red: beetroot
  • Blue: blueberries, elderflower juice
  • Yellow: turmeric
  • Orange: carrots
  • Brown: coffee

Lemon juice and kitchen twine can make patterns, and so can leaves and flowers fixed to the egg with a nylon stocking. Detailed instructions can be found on the Internet. Let your creativity run wild!


Tip 2: Try out creative baking recipes

There’s no better start to Easter Sunday than a hearty breakfast. You can use your time to try out a new baking recipe. Decorate the table with colourful eggs and fresh flowers. That's sure to create a good mood!


Tip 3: Bring spring into your home

Bring the spring-like weather into your home – with fresh flowers from the local florist. Not only the florist will be happy – your enjoyment of the upcoming Easter holiday will bloom all the more! 

Little girl running, on the parkland in town. Happy childhood.

Tip 4: Easter puzzles for the whole Family

Are you already looking forward to hiding and searching for Easter nests? Think up a small puzzle or even a scavenger hunt for the children. The answers provide clues to the hiding place. It's a great way to make the search even more creative and last longer.


Tip 5: Easter post for friends and Family

Do something nice for family members and friends and send them some colourful Easter mail. A good mood is guaranteed!

Swiss Life wishes you and your family a pleasant Easter. 

How do you spend Easter?

We look forward to your Easter inspiration. If you like, link our @swisslife Instagram profile to your post – and with a bit of luck we will share your personal inspiration in our Insta story.

Image source: iStock / Unsplash

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