Less money, more time – it's a worthwhile compromise for the Mbemba family. Both parents work part time, so they can devote themselves to their family and to their dream: their own online fashion platform. Despite investments and part-time salary, both of them care about private provisions – even if saving money gets short shrift at the moment.

Building a company as a team. Enjoying freedoms like mobile office in many different countries around the world. Growing together into the challenges. A dream the Mbembas are making a reality, in self-determination – with two children and a part-time job each.

Nastassja Mbemba works 80% as a secretary, while her partner Ernol Mbemba works 50% as a shipping agent. Both of them use their free time for their children – and to build up their own online fashion platform. Their goal: to live out their own dream and have even more time for their daughter Ayana and Ernol’s daughter Keziah. As they work on their project, the couple are supported by grandparents, after-school care and Nastassja’s employer, which allows her to work at home one day a week.

In their striving for self-employment, the Mbembas set store by security: while investing in their projects, they also pay into the third pillar. Additional savings are not an option. Nevertheless, the couple are continuing to follow their dream of being independent entrepreneurs. Work full time and miss out on family life and pursuing your own projects? For Nastassja and Ernol there’s a better way:


Families in the part-time model

Working part time is popular here in Switzerland: more than a third of Swiss employees have consciously chosen not to work full time – mostly because they want to spend time raising their children, to take care of family obligations or to pursue education and training. In our series, young families offer a look at their lives working part time and tell us what the greatest challenges are.

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For us, family time is more important than all the money in the world.

The Mbembas


The Mbembas live in the Bernese lake district and have two daughters, two-year-old Ayana and Ernol’s four-year-old, Keziah. Nastassja and Ernol, both 26 years old, have a dream: their own online fashion platform. That will mean freedom, and more time for the family. To ensure their dream comes true and there’s enough time to take care of the children as well, Nastassja and Ernol work part time, as a secretary and shipping agent, respectively. Nevertheless, they still spare a thought for private provisions – even if there’s nothing left over at the moment for supplementary savings.


Are you planning on part-time work as well?

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Self-employment and private provisions

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