Viewing others as equals is not a question of height, nor is it a matter of gender. Claudia Naegeli and Christoph Ingold have therefore made a conscious decision to work part-time – both of them working the same number of hours each week. This allows each of them to dedicate themselves to two things: their career and their family.

When it comes to the level of employment, sometimes less is more. This is what Claudia Naegeli and Christoph Ingold have found. They both have part-time jobs that allow them to work 80%, so they can fulfil their career goals and still have time for their children. More valuable family time for both parents – that’s their motto.

Christoph Ingold has never worked more than 80% – which is fairly unusual for a father, as a Swiss Life study shows. According to the study, 87% of fathers surveyed would like to work part-time, but only 19% actually do so. Christoph Ingold prefers to use the time off as leisure time and to mind his children. According to Claudia Naegeli, not only do men need to be willing to work part-time, but society also needs to be more open to part-time work models – and not just for mothers, but especially for fathers.

It is not surprising that good coordination is essential when both parents work part-time. Although the couple live very harmoniously together, Claudia Naegeli and Christoph Ingold believe it is important to lead a self-determined life. Having their own accounts means independence and freedom for them. Who doesn’t prefer to be able to pay for the hairdresser, a wellness weekend or clothes from their own account without a guilty conscience? Nor do the Naegelis make do without holidays. Instead, they forego other expensive purchases and fixed costs, like a car. More in the video:


Families in the part-time model

Working part-time is popular here in Switzerland: more than a third of Swiss employees have consciously chosen not to work full-time – mostly because they want to spend time raising their children, to take care of family obligations or to pursue education and training. In our series, young families offer a look at their lives working part-time and tell us what the greatest challenges are.

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Men really don’t know what they’re missing.

The Naegeli family


The Naegeli family lives in Zurich and has two children: Maurice, 7, and Marta, 4. For parents Claudia Naegeli and Christoph Ingold, it is important to treat each other as equals. For this reason, they both work only 80% – she as a PR consultant and he as a teacher.  

Do you also plan to work part-time?

Part-time calculator

Would you like to work part-time as well? Find out quickly and easily what impact this would have on your budget and on childcare.

What do you have to watch out for?

The decision to work part-time should be considered carefully because although working fewer hours means more quality time with family, it also means fewer social benefits if you are unable to work due to illness or an accident. You should therefore consider your provisions situation in a self-determined manner as a family – so nothing stands in the way of a carefree future.

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