Various mortgage and amortisation models offer you a broad range of options for your real estate financing. Find out which mortgage model suits you here.

What types of mortgage are available

There are various mortgage models on the Swiss market. A distinction is made between fixed-rate mortgages with a fixed term and a fixed rate of interest, and variable-rate mortgages without a fixed term and with a variable rate of interest. The SARON mortgage has no fixed term and also has a variable interest rate. Read more about differences, benefits and risks here.

Fixed-rate mortgage

A fixed-rate mortgage has a fixed term. The interest rate also remains the same during the term.

A fixed-rate mortgage is right for you

  • if you prefer your interest payments to remain the same
  • if you want to calculate your budget accurately
  • if you would like to benefit from the current low interest rate environment
  • If you wish to hedge against rising interest rates

Variable mortgage

A variable mortgage has no fixed interest rate and no fixed term. It adapts to the development of the capital market.

A variable mortgage is suitable for you

  • if you want to take advantage of the current capital market interest rates
  • if you would like to benefit from interest rate cuts
  • if you want to be able to switch to a fixed-rate mortgage at any time
  • if you would like to amortise (repay) your mortgage directly

SARON mortgage

The SARON mortgage has no fixed term and no fixed interest rate. The variable interest rate is based on the SARON (Swiss Average Rate Overnight). The SARON has existed since 2009 and is calculated on the basis of completed transactions and binding quotes (purchase and sale prices) in the Swiss money market.

How can you deduce your mortgage interest rate from the SARON interest rate margin?

  • The mortgagee offsets his interest rate margin with the SNB's current key interest rate (SARON target)
  • The amount corresponds to the interest rate you have to pay on a SARON mortgage
  • Find out the current SNB key rate here

A SARON mortgage is right for you

  • if you want to benefit from interest rates that remain low or fall
  • if you wish to participate in the current interest rate trend during the selected term

Green mortgage

What is a green mortgage? Our solution for financing your sustainable property.

If you are using ecological construction methods or renovating your property sustainably, you can apply for a green mortgage to save interest costs.

By taking environmental considerations into account when buying or renovating your home, you can qualify for a green mortgage and thus benefit from particularly favourable interest rates. Swiss Life's criteria for environmental sustainability include either a Minergie certificate or a corresponding cantonal building energy certificate (CECB).

Take out a new mortgage

With the mortgage check, you can receive mortgage offers from different providers for different terms in just a few clicks.

Replace existing mortgage

Our virtual assistant (ViBe) will help you clarify your initial questions about replacing a mortgage and obtain new offers for your existing mortgage. You receive mortgage offers from different providers for different durations.

Checklist for consultation documents

We will be happy to support you in acquiring your own home and accompany you from A to Z. In addition, we will advise you on provisions, finances and financial security. At Swiss Life you get everything from a single source – so you can look forward to a financially secure and self-determined future.

The best mortgage with Swiss Life

We work out the best mortgage on the basis of your personal situation. With the SwissFEX platform, we can find the best product for you from among the various mortgage offers – even during your consultation.

Your advantages with Swiss Life as an independent mortgage broker

  • Independent offers: We enable you to compare offers from various providers and create
  • transparency: You decide in a self-determined manner from which provider we should obtain offers and where the financing should take place.
  • Saving time when researching: We can show you many mortgage offers in parallel – in person at your home or online via video call
  • Preferential conditions for mortgage offers: We can often exclusively negotiate better conditions than you would otherwise receive.
  • Real-time calculation of interest conditions: When the general environment changes, new conditions will become available immediately.

Free consultation

Our experts at Swiss Life and Swiss Life Select would be happy to advise you on the savings options for your mortgage – at a location of your choice or online by video.

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