Many people dream of a self-determined life in their own home. To make this dream a reality, you should find out in good time about the necessary steps. We would be happy to support you in making your plans with our comprehensive advice and valuable infor-mation on home ownership.


Finding and buying real estate

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From renting to buying your own home

Find out more about the advantages of owning residential property compared to renting.

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How to save for and finance your own home

How to save for your own home

Whether you can afford your own home depends on how much equity and income you have. We can show you how to achieve your savings targets more quickly so you can make your dream of a self-determined life in your own home a reality.

How to finance your own home

Here you can find out what is involved in real estate financing, what options you have, and what you need to consider with regard to the different financing options.

Perform a Hypo-Check and calculate mortgage interest rates

With the mortgage check, you can obtain mortgage offers for different terms with just a few clicks.

Find the right mortgage with the best interest rate

Here you can find out what the best interest rate means for you, and how we can support you.

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Development of mortgage interest rates

Paying off a mortgage

Calculate the affordability of your home

Use our affordability calculator now to calculate whether you can afford your dream property.

More on affordability

Find out what affordability means when buying a property, and calculate the affordability of your dream property.

We accompany you step-by-step into your own home

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How to protect your residential property against financial risks and save taxes

Protection against financial risks

Find out here which risk insurance policies you can take out to protect yourself against unforeseen events such as illness, accident or death, so you can continue to finance your home in a self-determined manner in such situations.

How to protect your home

Consider how to protect your home in a way that suits you. We can provide you with an overview of the policies recommended for your home.


Tax tips for residential property

As a homeowner, you can benefit from tax advantages. We’ll show you how it works

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How to maintain and renovate your residential property

Maintenance obligations for homeowners

Homeowners also have maintenance costs and obligations. We can provide you with an overview of everything you need to think about.

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Financing the conversion of your home 

Are you planning to convert or renovate your home? You’ll need financial resources to do this. We’ll show you how to plan this. 

How to plan renovation work

If you’d like to renovate your home, it’s worth planning this carefully. Our tips will help you plan and prepare well for renovation work.


The most common mistakes when renovating

A lot of things can go wrong during renovations. Find out here which mistakes you definitely need to avoid when renovating.

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Everything you need to know about sustainable construction

Sustainable and environmentally friendly construction

Find out more about sustainable construction, sustainability standards and better mortgage rates for a "green" home.

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Mortgage interest rates for a sustainable home

Here you can find out what the best interest rate is for your "green" home and how we can support you.

Make your dream of owning your own home come true

We give you comprehensive advice to help you realise your dream of a self-determined life in your own home. In addition to financing your own home, we would be happy to advise you on all other aspects of your pension provision, your finances and your financial security. Based on a comprehensive analysis of your personal life situation, we will work with you to find the best solution to make your dream come true.

Free consultation

Our experts at Swiss Life and Swiss Life Select would be happy to advise you on your dream of owning a home – at a location of your choice or online by video. Arrange a free personal consultation now.

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