What insurance is needed to protect yourself against financial risks as a homeowner? Find out about mandatory insurance and other recommended products to fully protect your home in self-determination.

Mandatory insurance 

Buildings insurance

Mandatory building liability insurance protects you against claims resulting from personal and property damage in connection with your building. However, buildings insurance covers the costs if the insured building is damaged or destroyed.

Insurance against fire and natural hazards is also mandatory in most cantons and is covered by cantonal buildings insurance. In Uri, Schwyz and Obwalden you can decide yourself with which provider to take this cover. Only in Geneva, Ticino, Valais and the Canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden – with the exception of the Oberegg district – is there no obligation to insure against fire and natural hazards.

Other important insurance products

Risk insurance

Risk or long-term care insurance protects you and your family against the financial consequences of disability due to illness or accident, long-term care need or death – based on your personal life situation. This way, in the event of misfortune, your financial independence and property will not be at risk.

> More about Swiss Life Protection risk insurance
> More about Swiss Life ProtectCare long-term care insurance

Legal expenses insurance

Home ownership can lead to repeated legal disputes, which quickly run up high legal and court costs. Legal expenses insurance additionally insures disputes, such as those with your neighbours, thus providing you with optimum protection for such situations.

Our advisors would be happy to inform you about the advantages of the legal expenses insurance offered by our partner CAP. 

Household contents and personal liability insurance

Personal liability insurance usually covers you if you injure somebody or cause damage to their property, for example if you hit your neighbour’s window instead of the goal while playing football or leave a scratch on someone else’s car with your bicycle. It applies worldwide and generally to everyone living in the same household – including your pets.

Household contents insurance covers your furnishings and items at home. It provides protection against fire and natural hazards, water damage, theft and glass breakage. Insurance cover applies to all household contents, with the new or replacement value of the items paid out in the event of damage.

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What you should also insure

Long-term viability

Our rule of thumb is that property expenses (5% imputed mortgage interest rate, repayments and maintenance and ancillary costs) should not amount to more than a third of your gross income. This also applies in the event of disability, death and retirement. Based on a current mortgage interest rate of 1.5% and an imputed rate of 5%, this results in a difference of 3.5%. In the case of a mortgage of CHF 500 000, this difference in interest means that you can save CHF 15 000 per year. We recommend you put these interest savings aside, for example in the form of a fund-based savings plan.

Building surroundings insurance

For larger plots with a lot of space around the building, you should also take out building surroundings insurance. This covers damage to your property, garden or terrace that is not included in the buildings insurance: for example, if a storm falls a tree, wild animals destroy your herb garden or the fence is damaged.

Building surroundings insurance can be included as a supplement to buildings insurance.

Earthquake insurance

Severe earthquakes are extremely rare in Switzerland, making their potential for destruction and damage all the greater. Earthquake insurance covers you in the event of damage to the building following an earthquake. This includes cracks in the masonry or façade, static damage and broken pipes that are not or insufficiently covered by buildings insurance.

Earthquake insurance can be included as a supplement to buildings insurance.

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