Life is diverse. And the needs of every individual are even more diverse. No matter what stage of life you're in, whatever your concerns might be, Swiss Life is happy to assist you.

Starting a career

When you start a career, you should give some thought to a self-determined financial future. This includes protecting yourself from the consequences of disability and other risks. With the right provision, you can look to your personal future with confidence.

Changing jobs

A new job involves changes – in terms of both career and pension provision. This is because when a new company generally means a new pension fund as well. This can have positive or negative effects on your retirement assets and on your risk cover.


Marriage is the start of a new life stage: you are now responsible not only for yourself, but for your family as well. With the right provision, you can look to the future with confidence.

Home ownership

From your own four walls, you’ll look to a self-determined financial future with greater confidence. You, too, can finance a home and use it as part of your pension provision: work with our specialists to plan financial security for yourself and your family.


Moving abroad is a big change that can’t be planned at the last minute. Take sufficient time to prepare for this new stage of your life and do as much as you can in advance.


Becoming self-employed is a major step – with the right pension provision, however, you can look forward with full confidence to a self-determined future. As a leading provider in the area of pension funds, we can help you with individual solutions.

Promotion/salary increase 

A promotion or a salary increase result in change – with respect to your career as well as your pension provision. This is because generally your pension fund benefits change as well, with a positive impact on your retirement provision.


One in three marriages in Switzerland ends in divorce – often with a considerable financial impact and far-reaching changes. So it is all the more important to think about pensions in such a situation.

Succession regulation

For entrepreneurs, making important decisions is a part of daily life. But succession planning is rarely easy. Swiss Life helps you start the process early and complete it successfully.

Pension planning

If you want to maintain your standard of living in retirement and be able to look to the future with financial confidence, then early planning is important. Swiss Life can help you with this by discussing your personal pension situation with you.


It’s never too early to deal with the consequences of your own death. This will enable you to ensure that your family is freed during a difficult time from having to make decisions, and that your personal wishes are respected.

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