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"The financing conditions for residential property remain low"

As "Head of Real Estate Research and Strategy" at Swiss Life Asset Managers, the well-known asset manager and leading institutional real estate manager in Europe, she has unrivalled knowledge of current real estate trends. If you're thinking about building a self-determined life in your own home, find out about Francesca Boucard’s perceptive insights into the future of home ownership.

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Joel Mattli: "I try to live my dream of self-determination every day"

He is only 27 years old. And yet Joel Mattli has a very clear and self-confident vision for his life. Not only does he know how to get the most out of the here and now, he also knows how he sees his life in old age. The all-rounder from Switzerland on a healthy lifestyle, a generous helping of courage and a self-determined life.

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Photo series of a young mother with a child doing different chores at home. Shot in Berlin.


Ancillary costs of home ownership: you have to budget for them

Many people dream of a self-determined life in their own home. To make this dream a reality, you should definitely look at the different financing options and their viability. Don't forget the recurring ancillary costs for your own home. What do they consist of? Swiss Life on electricity, insurance and more.

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Businesswoman working on laptop computer sitting at home with a dog pet and managing her business via home office


Payout from pillar 3a: remember it will be taxed

Saving with pillar 3a can make your dream of a self-determined life in old age come true. But did you know that the funds are taxed when they are paid out? Swiss Life explains.

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