Parents’ love for their children is unique. It's boundless. And doesn’t expect anything in return. Children make everyday life more exciting, the future more rewarding, the heart bigger and love stronger. However, children also make the days longer, the nights shorter and the home dirtier. When children go through life with self-determination, it can be quite nerve-wracking – but it can also be quite funny…

Swiss Life presents: The five funniest self-determined moments with children:

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4th place: Exciting questions for strangers

"Mum, why does that old woman have silver hair?" Parents of young children are all too familiar with exciting questions such as these addressed to strangers in public. What may seem unpleasant at first makes for a big laugh later on, such as the next time you’re talking to friends. And the old lady with the beautiful grey hair also brought a smile to the face of your offspring…

5th place: Packed lunch in packed train

The idea was quite romantic, but the reality is different: You would like to visit Grandma and Grandpa with the whole family at a holiday home in Ticino. This time you choose the train instead of the car – after all, travelling that way is so much more relaxing. Nobody has to drive, you take a small neat picnic and also pack the favourite card game to keep everyone in a good mood. But… the reality is that the train is overcrowded, the toilet in your coach of all places is defective and the screaming never stops. The playing cards fly across to the next people’s table, the lovingly arranged picnic turns into a pigsty. Now it's time to take a deep breath. Fortunately, most of the other passengers are familiar with situations like this.

Valuable time for the family

Even if your children's funny, self-determined moments make you cringe at the time, you can usually laugh about them afterwards – and that feels pretty good, doesn't it? Without moments like that, family life wouldn't be half as much fun.

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