E-bikes are becoming more and more popular – as is clearly demonstrated by the increase in sales. No wonder, because the electric two-wheelers have several advantages. But how can an e-bike be insured? We answer the most important questions on the subject.

Imagine you're cycling towards the office. Suddenly your colleague overtakes you, not on the career ladder but on this nasty slope. Without drops of sweat – instead, waving and with a joyful expression. At that point at the latest, it's clear: no, he's not fitter than you. He's just one of the proud e-bike owners.

E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular: In 2019, e-bikes accounted for 36% of all bicycle sales in Switzerland (source: Statista). But what makes them so popular?

What are e-bikes?

There are different types of electric bicycles. Before buying, you should consider whether you want to opt for a weak or a strong e-bike. The choice will have an impact on performance, insurance and certain rules.

Weak electric bikes

  • Are classed as "light motorcycles"
  • Speed: max. 25 km/h or 500 watts
  • Driving licence: not required
  • Helmet required: no – but strongly recommended!
  • Licence plate: no.
  • Insurance: no mandatory liability insurance required

Our recommendation: Take out personal liability insurance, which covers any damage you cause to others.

Strong electric bikes

  • Classed as "motorcycles"
  • Speed: max. 45 km/h or 1000 watts
  • Driving licence: Driving licence M (moped ID) required
  • Helmet required: yes.
  • Licence plate: yes – yellow licence plate with annually changing insurance sticker
  • Fixed installed lighting mandatory
  • Insurance: mandatory liability insurance

What are the advantages of e-bikes?

There are several reasons for buying an e-bike:


Especially in city traffic you are faster than by car. You can pass traffic jams or stop-and-go traffic with a smile, thanks to bicycle lanes. And it’s also easy to find a parking space.

Cost efficiency

An e-bike is much cheaper than a car – in terms of purchasing, fuel or maintenance costs.


Even if the engine assists you when riding: you’re moving and out in the fresh air. This has a positive effect on your health.

Climate friendliness

The e-bike motor is quiet and energy-efficient. It does not cause direct emissions.


You’re not dependent on bus and train and can decide for yourself when to jump onto your bike.

Between 2015 and 2019, the number of registered e-bikes requiring a motorcycle licence plate increased by 72.8%.

Are e-bikes dangerous?

One thing is certain: accidents with e-bikes are increasing. However, this does not mean that riding e-bikes is becoming increasingly dangerous. The electric bike is only becoming more popular, and sales of e-bikes have risen sharply in recent years: Between 2015 and 2019, the number of registered e-bikes requiring a motorcycle licence plate increased by 72.8% (source: Lustat Statistics Lucerne).

Always ride attentively and defensively, wear a helmet and follow the traffic rules. An e-bike course is also recommended, as offered by the TSC, for example.

E-bike theft insurance: which insurance pays?

If your e-bike was stolen, it depends on what kind of e-bike you own.

A weak e-bike is insured under household contents insurance. For e-bike theft away from home, you must select the supplementary cover "Simple theft outside the home" and adjust the sum insured to the value of your e-bike.

A strong e-bike is classed under "motorcycles" and must be insured via vehicle insurance, valuables insurance or a special comprehensive bicycle or e-bike insurance.

E-bike damage: which insurance pays?

Are you responsible for the damage to your e-bike yourself? Then your comprehensive insurance or valuables insurance will cover it, provided you have taken it out.

Is special e-bike insurance worthwhile?

Under certain circumstances, special e-bike insurance can be worthwhile for you, because it includes not only theft and vandalism but also breakdown assistance or damage to the battery. Make sure you check the insurance companies’ benefits to find the perfect e-bike insurance for you.

Does my e-bike insurance also apply abroad?

Are you planning holidays abroad and would like to have your e-bike with you for relaxed discovery tours? In some cases, e-bike insurance covers Assistance protection for the whole of Europe. Clarify this before concluding the contract.

What does e-bike insurance cost?

Depending on the insurance provider and scope of services, the cost of e-bike insurance may vary greatly.

In 2019, e-bikes accounted for 36.6% of all bicycle sales in Switzerland.

Which is the best e-bike insurance?

Which e-bike insurance is best for you depends entirely on your personal wishes regarding the extent of coverage. It’s worth comparing in order to save costs.

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