Eliette and Daniel had no intention of buying their own home. However, when Eliette's parents suddenly announced that they wanted to sell their beloved house in Geneva, Eliette and Daniel quickly decided to take over the parental home. Find out in our home story what prompted the young couple to do that, and how they now lead a self-determined life.

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There is nothing ordinary about Eliette and Daniel's enchanting house. It was built in 1948 in a post-war style, Eliette's parents have ensured for the past 25 years that the old house is covered and surrounded by all sorts of plants. The plants grow along the walls of the house, but also in pots and flower beds spread all over the garden. There are also vegetables and fruits, which you can eat straight from the shrub. Nature is everywhere in their personal Swiss jungle.

A living room with wooden furniture and a large window.
A dining room containing lots of wooden furniture and a rug.
The room is furnished with a rug, a bed and a chest of drawers.
View from the window of a house and trees

Generation change

Eliette grew up in the house and therefore has a strong attachment to it. She and her sister never thought their parents would ever move out of the house after all the years of cherishing and maintaining it. That made it all the more surprising when they announced that they were moving to a chalet in Valais and wanted to sell the house. 

It would have broken Eliette’s heart to see her home occupied by strangers and as the property has everything that she and Daniel like, the couple decided to buy the house from Eliette’s parents and turn it into their personal paradise. The couple realise that home ownership entails a lot of responsibility, "but then I hope we'll finally feel like adults," the now homeowner laughs.

A couple holding a cat standing in front of a house

Eliette and Daniel with their cat Smokie on their terrace

A place to live out your passions

Eliette is an organising consultant and her job is to help her clients retain possessions that are important and make them happy. That’s exactly what she is now doing for herself: organising the new home so it feels right for her and Daniel. Her cat Smokie blooms in the luxurious garden and is a big part of the family’s happiness.

Eliette and Daniel’s greatest passion is cooking. They spend a large part of their lives thinking about what to cook for whom. They visit nearby markets and buy fresh ingredients, conjuring up fantastic meals for family and friends. "I can't wait to invite our loved ones to our terrace, cook for them and spend time with them. Owning our own house means we finally have enough space to share our life with others and enjoy it," says Daniel. 

The kitchen and the adjoining wooden terrace are the favourite spots of Eliette and Daniel. That is where they can pursue their favourite activities and relax. They are also thinking about how to convert and extend the house to adapt it even more to their needs: "I would love to have a wood-burning stove in the living room," enthuses Eliette.

A woman standing in a garden surrounded by plants
A house wall against which a beautiful lemon tree grows.
A woman bringing two plates of food to the terrace

Bed & breakfast  

After the two sisters moved out of their parent's home, Eliette's mother converted a few rooms in the house into a bed and breakfast, which has provided good company for the family in recent years. Eliette wants to keep the B&B going as it would allow her to live out her passion for cooking and because she would always have people around her. Guests love the B&B, especially due to its location: the Rhone is a five-minute walk away, perfect for cooling off in summer and the centre of Geneva is 15 minutes’ walk away. 

Four people are sitting on the terrace enjoying a meal.

Eliette and Daniel enjoying aperitifs with guests on their terrace

Four people toasting with wine on the terrace

Eliette and Daniel toast with their guests

Two people standing by the river looking at each other.
Eliette Staub and Daniel Boillat

Eliette and Daniel own their own home, although that was not their original plan. Eliette's parents surprisingly announced that they wanted to move out of their home in Geneva. Eliette and Daniel couldn't imagine seeing the house owned by strangers. So they decided to buy the house. Now they can live out their big passion even more in their own home. Finally, they have enough space to cook for family and friends, have parties or just be together. Her love of gardening is not neglected either, as the garden has enough space to plant fruits, vegetables and flowers. The couple have created their own little paradise both indoors and outdoors, where they now lead a self-determined life.

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