A safari in Africa, a diving holiday in Asia or a city trip to NYC? Whether you are travelling halfway around the globe or “just” planning a short weekend break, when you travel you can broaden your horizons and collect unforgettable memories. So that the travel adventure doesn’t bring any unpleasant surprises, you should be well covered. We provide an overview of which insurance policies are recommended when travelling, so that you can remain self-determined while you are out and about.

Cancellation and trip interruption insurance

You break your wrist just before the 3-week trip to Australia and have to cancel it? Travel cancellation insurance is highly recommended, especially for expensive trips, because it can protect you against large financial losses. Make sure you check the conditions in the insurance policy. Sometimes only certain cases such as death or unforeseen illness are covered. Make sure that your special needs and requirements are met.

If you have to cancel an already started trip unexpectedly, trip interruption insurance may be a good idea. Especially for more expensive trips or problematic destinations, you get additional protection with trip interruption insurance. Make sure you check the scope of cover and exclusions carefully before taking out the insurance.

Travel legal expenses insurance

Have you booked a hotel where the rooms are uninhabitable and you have a conflict with the hotel management? With travel legal expenses insurance you can enforce a price reduction.

If you already have legal expenses insurance, you should check whether it also covers legal cases abroad. Travel legal protection insurance, which also applies abroad, offers you legal support in difficult situations, including telephone advice in the event of a claim.


Credit card benefits

Some credit card companies offer travel protection, which may save you from taking out separate travel insurance. Be sure to pay attention to the conditions. In many cases, the protection only applies if a certain minimum proportion of the travel costs has been paid by credit card. Read the terms and conditions carefully to make sure your travel needs are covered.

Luggage and household contents insurance

Independent luggage insurance is not always necessary, as it is often expensive and only covers up to a certain amount. Instead, it may make more sense to expand your household contents insurance to include supplementary cover for “Simple theft outside Switzerland”. Please note that the additional cover “Simple theft away from home” does not cover loss of luggage.

As a rule, airlines are liable for damages or losses they cause. The amount of the compensation depends on the airline in question, as a rule the reimbursement in Switzerland is around CHF 1550 (source: admin.ch). Find out about the exact conditions of your household contents insurance to optimally protect your luggage.

Vehicle assistance

A broken window or a flat tyre on the motorway? Vehicle assistance is a good idea if you are travelling in your own car. In the event of a breakdown or accident abroad, vehicle assistance Insurance covers the costs of repairs, breakdown assistance or a replacement car. This will allow you to travel safely and reach your destination. Make sure you check the extent of cover. If only Switzerland is covered, the insurance does not cover any costs abroad. Expand your coverage to Europe or worldwide, depending on your destination.

Car rental

An accident with a rental car abroad? When renting a car, it is advisable to take out liability insurance with liability insurance coverage of at least CHF 1 000 000 and fully comprehensive insurance with a low retention or even no retention.

Note: Car insurance for your own car at home does not cover damage to the rental car. If more than one person is driving, the additional driver must also be insured.

Health insurance abroad

Health is the most important asset on any trip. Although Swiss citizens are covered by basic health insurance in the EU/EFTA countries, it is nevertheless highly recommended to take out additional health insurance abroad. Above all in countries with high health costs, such as the USA, Canada or Japan, international health insurance offers the protection you need so that you can enjoy a carefree trip.


Rega patronage

Rega offers travellers an opportunity to obtain additional security. In the event of an accident or serious illness abroad, Rega offers advice and assistance. It provides interpretation services and organises return transport to Switzerland. If your insurance does not cover the costs or only partially covers them, Rega will waive the costs incurred by patrons. A Rega patronage gives you the added security of being well looked after in emergencies.

Don’t forget to check the conditions of the insurance providers carefully and seek professional advice if necessary. For self-determined and carefree holidays.

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