Arrange occupational provisions quickly and easily (BVG), accident insurance (UVG) and short-term disability benefit (KTG) for new companies online and enjoy complete all-round protection: The Swiss Life Business Direct online full insurance solution offers a 100% capital and interest rate guarantee.

All it takes is a few clicks

You can secure your future provisions quickly and easily with Swiss Life Business Direct. In just a few clicks you can gain an overview of your benefits and costs and set up and manage your pension solution online. The full insurance solution offers comprehensive all-round protection that is fully guaranteed. And the beauty of it: As the customer, you bear no investment risk. You and your employees are also optimally covered in the event of a claim, as the risks of disability, death and longevity are fully reinsured by Swiss Life.

How you benefit with Swiss Life Business Direct

✔ Quick: access your occupational provisions in just a few clicks

✔ Simple: anyone can understand it – no need for expert input

✔ Secure: full insurance without the investment risk

✔ Individual: benefits as required

✔ Complete: all-round protection with guarantees and reinsurance of all risks

✔ Online: all services are available on the Web

Swiss Life Business Direct – future provisions online

Insured in just a few minutes

FAQs about the solution

Swiss Life Business Direct is a straightforward online solution, allowing you to manage your company's future provisions in just a few minutes from the comfort of your screen.

The full insurance solution is unique in terms of security. That is because the employee benefits institution passes all the risks on to an insurance company. Swiss Life is one of the few providers of this pension model. Full insurance offers insured persons full guarantees and reinsurance of all risks. A shortfall is impossible as the insurance always guarantees 100% of the employee benefit.

Swiss Life covers 100% of all Swiss Life Business Direct insurance and investment risks, so a shortfall cannot occur. This also excludes restructuring measures.

Swiss Life Collective BVG Foundation – with reinsurance for all risks

Facts and figures on the collective foundation behind the Swiss Life Business Direct full insurance solution.

Other pension solutions

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    For companies looking for a reliable partner

    • 100% capital and interest rate guarantee
    • Full reinsurance of all risks
    • Entitlement to bonus distribution
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    For companies wishing to benefit from the financial markets

    • Vested pension capital invested in a balanced and return-oriented manner
    • Jointly managed investments
    • Attractive potential returns
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    For companies with their own investment experts

    • Individual investment strategy tailored to your needs and wishes
    • Free choice of well-known investment foundations
    • Opportunity for higher returns over the long term

Self-determined executive solution for employees

Insure salary portions over CHF 127 980 (as of 2020) in a self-determined manner with Swiss Life's 1e plan.