A Swiss Life study from 2019 shows that parents who work part time enjoy their jobs more, are less stressed and feel that their work is more appreciated. The reduced workload not only has a positive impact on the job, but also on family time. Would you like to work part time so you can enjoy your family life in self-determination? We will show you what the benefits of the reduced working hours are and what risks you should take into account.

Perfect balance

Going to work is a good counterbalance to raising children and vice versa: people who work 100% or look after the children and household 100% benefit less from this balance. Part-time employment allows you to keep your everyday life in balance with your children and your career. You can also use the extra time for yourself or your family, to pursue new hobbies, work on your own projects or concede that sometimes all you need is a lazy day in the hammock… and have the time for it!

In 62 percent of households with one child, one parent already works part time. Families opt for part-time work because they hope it will strike the best balance between job and childcare.

Lower care costs

The lower your level of employment, the more time you have for the family and your children. Working fewer hours may enable you to dispense with additional days in a daycare centre.

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of children under the age of 13 in Switzerland are looked after outside the family. For 0-3-year-olds the figure is 71% and 60% for the 4-12-year-olds.

Valuable time with the children

How wonderful is it to see your own children grow up? To see their first steps, first words? Parents don't want to miss that for anything. Part-time employment enables you to spend more time with your children and be more familiar with their development.

More quality of life

Everyone has to decide for themselves what "more quality of life" means. More family time, more time for your own hobbies, more time to travel around the world – whatever it is: part-time employment does mean a lower salary, but you can still improve your quality of life. Would you like to plan your budget? Our advisors will be happy to support you.

Part-time calculator

Would you like to benefit from working part time? Find out quickly and easily what impact this would have on your budget and future provisions.

More time for further training

Would you like to reorient yourself professionally, refresh your knowledge or broaden your horizons? Fortunately, there are numerous further training providers in Switzerland. If your current employer agrees to a reduced workload or if you find a part-time job in another company, it gives you time to start studying again and set yourself new challenges.

Easy re-entry into working life

People who do not stop work entirely find it a lot easier to return to work following maternity leave. Whereas people who take a complete break from work for several years may find it difficult to come back.

Common household budget

Is it important to you that you and your partner both contribute to the household budget and can both be equally dependent and independent? The solution: a part-time job that avoids discussions about finances.

Smaller gap in coverage

You pay less into the AHV and pension fund when in part-time employment, which means you receive fewer benefits in old age or in the event of disability. If your salary is below CHF 21 330, there are no pension fund contributions at all (as at 2020). Our tip: work at least 60 percent to receive the minimum income for the pension fund. That means money continues to flow into your pension provision and only smaller gaps in coverage arise. You can fill those gaps – for example via a 100% tax-deductible pension fund purchase. You can also save for retirement with Pillar 3a and secure yourself against disability and death.


Does part-time work equate to a gap in coverage?

Despite its many advantages, you need to weigh everything up before switching to part-time work. There are certain risks involved, especially with regard to future provisions. Remain aware of them and address your provisions with self-determination, however, and you need have no fears for your financial future.


Families in the part-time model

Working part time is popular here in Switzerland: more than a third of Swiss employees have consciously chosen not to work full time – mostly because they want to spend time raising their children, taking care of family obligations or pursuing education and training.

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