Romain Basquin is a pensions advisor. The secret of his success is to be a good listener: “This is the only way for me to know what my customers’ needs are.” Yet Romain is not just a successful advisor, as the young father also owns his own restaurant that he runs together with his wife. We featured the friendly allrounder in the video.

Whether standing behind the bar in his own restaurant, advising a customer during a pension consultation or taking his 18-month-old daughter out in the pushchair, Romain enjoys a lot of flexibility in his life despite his obligations.

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How do you find working for Swiss Life?

Swiss Life gives me the opportunity to develop my full potential professionally. I value the freedom of organising my goals and tasks to suit myself and my lifestyle. As a father, I find this flexibility particularly valuable.

I recently started a new position in another region that is not only opening up new career prospects for me, but also offers the opportunity to develop further personally.

What did you do before you came to Swiss Life? 

Before I was hired by Swiss Life I worked in sales in both Switzerland and Canada. In fact, it was I myself who approached Swiss Life by telephone. I proactively enquired about job opportunities before I was offered an interview. Now I’ve been working here since 2014. 

What do you particularly like about your work? 

I really enjoy conducting extensive consultations with my customers, from mortgages to the right pension fund advice. What’s particularly nice about it is that I can organise it according to people’s individual availability. I hold consultations with customers at home, by video call or even at the café around the corner.  

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My greatest success as an advisor lies in consistently gaining the trust of my customers.

What has been your greatest success as an advisor?  

My greatest success as an advisor lies in consistently gaining the trust of my customers. I achieve this above all through my empathy and sensitivity. 
I place myself in the other person’s situation. This enables me to understand what their needs are, and what advice and opportunities I can present in the consultation. 
I’m also very proud of the IAF diploma I’ve acquired, which Swiss Life enabled me to do. The training significantly strengthened my abilities as an advisor.

What would your advice to future candidates be? 

The younger generation in particular is increasingly setting store on controlling their income and way of working in a self-determined manner. There are no limits in this respect at Swiss Life, neither in terms of remuneration, nor in the organisation of one’s own work. This flexibility could be of major importance for up-and-coming advisors.

What do you do in your spare time?   

I enjoy spending a lot of my spare time with my 18-month-old daughter or helping my wife to run our restaurant. 

I’m currently also busy sprucing up an apartment for seasonal letting and ensuring that everything works smoothly. I also like being productive outside my work and taking on new challenges.

What does self-determination mean to you?  

For me, self-determination means not being bound to fixed working hours and being able to work flexibly. For example, I can’t predict when I’ll start or stop working next week, as this always varies. 

I feel very comfortable getting to know new people and addressing the different needs of my customers. This gives me a feeling of freedom and enables me to make progress in my day-to-day work. What’s more, the time just flies by. It feels as if it were only yesterday that I started at Swiss Life.

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Romain Basquin

Romain Basquin has been working for Swiss Life for nine years. He currently advises private and corporate clients at the Morges-La Côte General Agency in Western Switzerland. Romain’s greatest strength is to listen very carefully to his customers and therefore to know exactly what they want.

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