Swiss Life Premium Comfort Junior Plan is fund-linked life insurance in pillar 3b that enables you to invest every month in professionally managed fund portfolios so that you can build up starting capital with attractive potential returns for your child.

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    If 50% of child allowance payments is invested, the child will receive around CHF 20,000 at the age of 18.

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    Tuition fees for a semester abroad in the US are CHF 15,000 on average.

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    If at least two children from the same family conclude a children’s solution with Swiss Life, the second child receives a discount.

In a nutshell

Do you want to accumulate starting capital for your child, perhaps for a language course abroad, their first flat or a car? Swiss Life Premium Comfort Junior Plan is the right choice if you want to save in a targeted way for your child’s future and take advantage of increased potential returns. Swiss Life Premium Comfort Junior Plan also includes risk cover specifically for you and your child.

With Swiss Life Premium Comfort Junior Plan, you invest a fixed amount every month. You have four different fund portfolios to choose from. Together with your advisor, you choose a solution that corresponds to your personal risk-return profile and investment horizon.

Each fund portfolio is carefully maintained by Swiss Life. Swiss Life is a leading asset manager with over 150 years of experience in managing customer assets. Our investment specialists only consider the best investment funds in their respective categories for inclusion in the portfolios.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Potential high returns: professional portfolio management by Swiss Life Asset Managers provides you with attractive potential returns. If you are worried about market turbulence, we will move your portfolio assets at your request to a low-risk investment – and then back into your fund portfolio at a later date.
  • Tax advantages: the capital returns from fund-linked life insurance are tax exempt, provided certain conditions are met.
  • Flexibility: the selected fund portfolio can be switched free of charge during the contract term.
  • Simplicity: you don't need to worry about investment decisions.
  • Financial protection: protect your child from financial bottlenecks resulting from illness or accident.

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More about the product

  • In the event of survival: no income tax
  • During the contract term: withholding tax on the surrender value (only cantonal)
  • Assumption of premium payments is generally the same as a gift. Gifts to heirs are exempt from gift tax in most cantons.
  • In the event of survival, the value of the fund units is paid out.
  • If your child becomes disabled, Swiss Life will pay a disability annuity from the child’s 16th birthday until the AHV age (if this is included in the insurance cover).
  • If the child dies, the current value of the fund units will be paid out.
  • If the premium payer dies, Swiss Life will continue the premium payments.
  • If the premium payer becomes disabled, Swiss Life will continue the premium payments (if this is included in the insurance cover).

You can switch among the four fund portfolios at any time and free of charge. The fund assets can also be transferred in full to a low-risk investment and transferred back to the fund portfolio – as often and for as long as you wish.


The fund assets are automatically and incrementally transferred to a low-risk investment.

Product comparison:

  • Save in an intelligent way

    Swiss Life Premium Comfort Junior Plan

    • Potential return
    • Selection from four fund portfolios
    • Tax-optimised saving
  • Saving with attractive potential returns

    Swiss Life Dynamic Elements Junior Plan

    • Optimum mix of security and return
    • Premium split adjustment
    • Outperformance hedging