Swiss Life FlexSave Junior Plan is a non-tax qualified children’s insurance plan (pillar 3b) with index participation. The savings insurance is supplemented with risk protection for the premium payer and the child. Please note that this product is no longer on offer.

The product is currently not on offer. 
The information applies only to existing customers.

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    If 50% of child allowance payments is invested, the child will receive around CHF 20,000 at the age of 18.

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    Tuition fees for a semester abroad in the US are CHF 15,000 on average.

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    If at least two children from the same family conclude a children’s solution with Swiss Life, the second child receives a discount.

In a nutshell

With Swiss Life FlexSave Junior Plan, you gradually build up starting capital – for example, for a language course abroad or a first motorcycle. And you can be sure that your goal will be met because the minimum payout is guaranteed upon expiry of the contract.

The advantage of this is that in years when the stock market performs well, you’ll see gains thanks to the participation in the index basket, a basket of well-known indices. All of these gains – or half the gains, in the case of the option “Reinvest participation gains” – are credited to the contract and are thus secure. They are paid out with the agreed amount when the contract expires. And the best part is that negative index performance does not reduce the guaranteed payments. 

Your benefits at a glance

  • Your child receives a guaranteed minimum payout on expiry of the insurance.
  • You participate in the positive performance of the index basket.
  • We protect the gains made each year – this increases your guaranteed payout on expiry of the insurance.
  • The option to reinvest participation gains increases your potential returns.
  • You can interrupt the premiums.
  • Your child benefits from comprehensive risk cover.
  • Discounts available for two or more children.

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Information regarding index participation

See your detailed statement for the participation code relevant to your contract

Index participation for contracts with start of contract on the fifth of a month

Index participation for contracts with start of contract on the first of a month

More about the product

In the event of survival: your child receives a payout on expiry which is guaranteed upon commencement of the contract. The payout may increase annually as a result of credited participation gains and bonuses.

Disability: if covered, Swiss Life will pay disability income from the 16th birthday until AHV retirement age at the latest.

Death: if the premium payer dies, Swiss Life will continue the premium payments.

Disability: if the disability risk is covered, Swiss Life will continue the premium payments if the premium payer becomes disabled.

You can purchase this savings product both for your own children and for grandchildren and godchildren.

Simply choose the option “Reinvest participation gains”. When you do so, half your gains from index participation will be used to acquire additional index participation the following participation year. 

Please note: 

  • This option is only available for contracts with a participation key date of 5 April.
  • You can choose to select or remove this option each year.

All of your entitlements are protected at all times by the tied assets which Swiss Life is required to set aside by law. These assets are monitored by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

The index basket is based on the performance of a well-known market index and currently includes the market regions Switzerland, the USA and Europe.

If a region has positive performance within a year*, this results in gains from the index participation. We credit this gain to your contract.

* Based on the participation key date according to your policy.

Product comparison

  • The foundations for your child's future

    Swiss Life FlexSave Junior Plan

    • Guarantees and potential return
    • Benefit from index developments
    • Protection of profits
  • Saving with attractive potential return

    Swiss Life Premium Comfort Junior Plan

    • Potential return
    • Selection from four fund portfolios
    • Tax-optimised saving